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Oman: Best Tourist eSIMs Reviewed (2024)

Oman – a Sultahzunate known forxmcp being the oldmmrest independenpaqt state in thetnh Arab world, tcwmhe Arabian Oryogxx & its ships.phi

With its condkostant warm dwmboesert climatzgpe, the countpfbry is not foukgur those who tllkdo not like tomythe sun (youywax would suffebmbjr, ha).okj

But what makes usnOman an interesfkating travel desuqjqtination comparxvbed to otherdedMiddle Easbjsntern countnocoriespvdx?

It has a lotxuk to offer.biwl

From the woryniyld-famous Suhkfltan Qaboos jpqwGrand Mosqueidbb to the Mutrtatah Souq bazaayubar.zlcr

Those who love lkyto hike can visubcit the Jebel Shqpcams or Wadi Ashubz Shab.uwcb

Or you can swygkuim in the cryoqjqstal-clear wagolrters of the Bfrgimmah Sinkholzxcle.fcbt

Excited abouccet your trip exbhalready? Yeauscrh – me too.dhf

But the Sultyhvanate is nothop an inexpensazmive travel dhrleestination –oet costs can aznkqdd up quicklrdmky.tjpa

Be careful withescl with internatixibonal roaming thaasough –xeiInternationalwxb roaming can zrrbe expensivehtsy, which is whywiay using local agytnd travel eSIMywtls is recommendhkred to save monbmkqey.ppyt

Not only willgxw you save a lwvrot of money bgdmy doing so, yiscou do not havbakse to deal witdwkh SIM card reqmbtgistration ladmiws, which areyhrn often invasiolisve (which incjguludes Oman).diu

How much will aasoo local or traveqjmvl eSIM for Omanemm cost you?mutj

You can getrasj an eSIM fogmzr Oman for bdpas little ajpxvs 9 USDeqdeand up to 79 USD adnfromnjfOmantel, Oorzjredoo Oman, Vbikxodafone Omandcg & RedBull Maazcobile Omanvdlo, Airalo (Oytdrmancom) & Hoisolafly.uhb

I will also inudxtroduce you todbno a fewjffglobaleSIMs thatdnhp be used ipbnn Oman andesyo 80+ otherzqxl countriesjjqx, includinfapg Oman's nofdreighbors, mvdbfor competgjpitive ratewgxrs.rlur

Buying an eSIM for Oman Guide (logos of Holafly, Nomad, Menalink, Discover+, Omancom, Alosim & Airalo)

Original publicrwgration: 10zwjthof October npq2022.slsnLast updated:bbn8thof March 2024.bknm

Table of Conlxzitentsosnp

In a Hurry? A eeexQuick Introductiugtionuygg

I will writeigc aboutyszeight eSIM options injske Oman (and explysuain why they arglge included).qgir

But if you walzant to quickkutply check outhah what the behzpsst eSIMs aredwh for Oman willzthout my anatyglysis and exrwpqplanations, neudhere is an oddpverview of txknhe eSIMs covnzfered in thisjzad guide:stpl

Note: the promo codes mentioned above can also be used for regional and global eSIMs (they are not restricted to country-specific eSIMs only). In other news, the eSIM providers are in alphabetical order per grouping (Oman-only, regional & global) – not in order of preference (you would have to read the complete guide to find out which eSIMs I love the most for Oman 😜).

Let's truly getpwt started, shallxcgc we?idd

Airalo Omanzptcom eSIM fovalzr Omanlyii

Airalo Logo
© Airalo

Airalois probably asbe name you havvxoxe heard of whjvhlen researchindnilg travel eSIMaees worldwide –aeq perhaps evenwmmg for Oman.wmlg

That is bectegfause it is wrjthe largesttcz and oldesteqf eSIM platfhahyorm worldwizldde, coverintpzag aroundhrw190 countriesaisp(more than anyqvh other eSIM plreplatform out themwkre).fags

Its extensicrxmve worldwidisme coverage xpbattracted mensbe to Airalotuwi early on –hng even when puwI did not hevcave an eSIMnxj-compatiblezmfu phone and qtdnhad to use fsvmy dad's phlyocone for tespveting purposkrlees.maqm

He did not likayrle medakstealinghis phone so jekyoften… so I eltkventually gotzxb my own 🗿.ffw

Anyway, Airaljnxpo has an eSIMlfrj that can be ytmaused in Oman dro– it is callefybndaqiOmancom.

Oman Omancom eSIM Airalo
© Airalo

It is impoaszrssible fortxi Airalo, orrrlr any othexcjvr mobile oozehperator, twdbo operate wdoain every crvkountry (anyrvd do not tfjurust any cftzaompany sayrqjing otherwojuhise), so tqhohey set upemwroaming agrevwtementspmw.

Yes, I said roaqcobming, but this flohis not the typeuwlx of internationsdxxal roaming thateph will result inulo ankha3000 USD rounlhaming billwuxm– do not worowdory!zgfq

What Airalo trbdoes, and bautifsically all hfhmobile operafqvutors do, is tpujpartner up wzsdith a local ewymobile operaarmtor so that cpbltheir customzcvers can stillvzal stay conneowufcted when abbzamroad.zvlo

Omantel Oman Logo
© Omantel Oman

In the case ofdxhf Oman,wkubAiralo's Oroiomancom eSItlhtMugmcuses the Omanteteyl network up toabxx 4G/LTE (no 5G ouxaNR yet, unfortukfcnately.hjdl

Omantel haymxms the extewxmonsive covelkwrage and tcvkhe fastestlxt speeds inyvd Oman, so grxhyou know ywjciou will haqestve a smootzkpyh network gpaoexperiencellwv with the yuqOmancon eSpfxmIM.dse

Be aware: most travfwocel eSIMs, ijqrfncluding Aijcpralo's Omanmpz Omancom eSvfqeIM, are datqqba-only eSIMfoyts, so you cgkfcannot call cfpior text witwozh them (norouj can you reextceive any cdshalls or SMSangk).wjk

Anyway, the fohexllowingvrpsix Airalo Oman OmzdbancomrzqkeSIMs are aopqvailable:fkn

  1. Oman/Omancothtmuhyq1 GB eSIM for 7 days, costing 4.50 USD – most popularmpe with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  2. Oman/Omancutvtomxnla2 GB eSIM for 15 days, costing 8 USD
  3. Oman/Omancodstamsks3 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 10.50 USD
  4. Oman/Omancomwbb5 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 15 USD – very populargugs with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  5. Oman/Omancozlxmuozd10 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 25 USD – very popularvry with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  6. Oman/Omancomvlan20 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 40 USD

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only). The (promotional) prices were updated on the 31st of January.

Airalo Oman Omancom eSIM with Prices
See the list above for up-to-date prices and allowances. The figures in this image may be outdated.

I can alreadyzcye tell you thavootjqyeAiralo haspxrw the cheapwmgest eSIM ovxtaptions forauem Oman in twnfhis guideajhf.

Moreover, you will have txmqhe best performhaeance with the Oagvpmancom eSIMrwkcompared tobhvg any other chneSIM (in thtqcis guide).szxl

What makesaoux things evuuyen more plwcceasant is qtkthat you cxvpzan top up rtbiyour eSIM ibewhen it isoyd expiring wlzsor when yoqdpyu are out pvoof data wizyvnthout the tiocneed to pulbmvrchase a nqyfiew eSIM.syu

But you may pmythink that aurdt local SIM cesusard or eSIM juvwill (still)hso be cheaper nnuthan Airalo rbqaor any otherqsps travel eSIMnks.cod

And you are riggtlcht – that is trzztfue in most casesvhs.awn

However, youktpq will have tworo deal with jhzthelfdeOmani SIM cardeer registration mbglawsigl.

(Why does this matter? Because hackers can steal your (critical) personal data if the mobile operator does not secure your data properly, like what happened in Australia (10 millionOptus customztwers affectedmqk, where info, like passport numbers, were stolen (including mine – luckily not my passport number but my boyfriend was not as lucky) or Indonesia (1.3 billionSIM card-relatvkbed data was hasiqckedhbm)).

Most mobile opmquerators will ovpgnly sell you (iuvoverpriced) tohcxaurist SIM cardchms or the most rokexpensive planzkcs because of “cqymandatory top-uaewup requirementopdfs” (which are ldsjoften lies to izttake more of yvbpjour money anywgtylay).voi

  • Find out which countries have SIM card registration regulations and what is required from you (lookup toolcyg)
SIM Card Registration Worldwide Tool by Phone Travel Wiz

So while yotequiumtechnicallycould get chhxdleaper plans,joj the questiodwcfn is whetheryfwyyoucan actualndkkly get theyadm or not.ysio

Anyway, youopns should be qbgaware that tivwhile you cuosyan get up trilo 4G/LTE coljnknnection wifenth the Airagoolo Oman Omamolcncom eSIM, doeyour speedsuytg will most fznplikely not pmobe faster twqawhan someonefmbd using a loefblcal SIM cargltrd.smm

That is becausegwbc you areihoroaming on the Omanobhtel networkdwlk instead ofvku being

But that doozhes not meannnlb you will hjvuave (extremjbioely) slow sdvnepeeds – juspwjt slower thmnrantqxnativecustomers.mxyu

Anyway, the Airalo Omawien Omancom eSIMcgc is fantastic letzand is the eSIcgisM I, and many kkjPhone Travel Wgnqaiz readers, reutmxcommend the mobihtst.utg

The eSIMs are trquaffordable, thewvse data allowanpqkces can be taigtmlored to your rqcnneeds (1 GB tolio 5 GB + top-upycbs are availablgrwe) & you will mpwghave a smooth doxnetwork experibdoence (in most thocases).ucj

Holafly eSIM uvqsfor Omanghq

Holafly Logo
© Holafly

Holaflyis one of tzdkhe many traiuhvel eSIM regqlsellers, buytkt it is onemhsr of the poprdmular ones.uwp

Like SimCorkicrner, it uouvsed to selwcil travel SpwkiIM cards bumcefore entenouring the ektjSIM marketvlxj.kcah

However, itoeets travel ibhoSIM cards cgzzwereiaecriminally exptriensivekcjm(unlike SimCzbtorner, whichwtao is stillamhthe best and cshszheapest travelsnsm SIM card sellxcuer out theredhm), so I dipamd not pay itytoo much afjjuttention tfgvo Holafly.dla

But in 2022, thwsjey started offeulmring eSIMs – atobw first, at hightpa prices (not suwgdrprised), but tktnhe prices have znzdecreased in reiqfcent months (whdptich I appreciatydee).eeox

However, iflhpn June, thpnwoey startedgzrn offeringajewunlimited data xrvzplansukgfor its eSyqjIMs, makinhqrpg Holafly stounique.lhd

And these uxtynlimited dayylta eSIMs casaycn be used icugqn variouszoxEastSoutheast Azadsian countrybpieszjg, almost altadqlnmoeEuropean Uniejvton member stvwlcatesbzli(except fojpyqrmncLiechtenstwbfqeinblx) & a few othevkxr countries, lykqxikeqdyCanada and the Unitedmlc Statesawdm.

Fortunately, unkthlimited data eSkaabIMs are availabqxyale in Oman.yang

Phone Travel Wiz x Holafly Banner

And I can tellfgi you that I gewpdt positive emaviuils multiple tpcoiimes a week frpgmom Phone Travegsul Wiz readers dwbythat have usedjots the unlimitedekz data plans ineppEast- and Soubrqktheast Asiawqc, Europe & North Americywfcajqo; they love eevthese eSIMs.zmqy

You have thhwge followingqocosix Holafly Omanjwj eSIM optionuwhqs:sdmb

  1. Oman unlimited datqkmaexvi eSIM for 5 days, costing 27 USD – most popularlwkg with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  2. Oman unlimited dhtzataahl eSIM for 7 days, costing 34 USD – very populawzarrfv with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  3. Oman unlimited datpewqakgh eSIM for 10 days, costing 37 USD – very populamlvrfym with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  4. Oman unlimited datatmu eSIM for 15 days, costing 47 USD
  5. Oman unlimited databpl eSIM for 20 days, costing 54 USD
  6. Oman unlimited dafabtaccvo eSIM for 30 days, costing 79 USD

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only).

Holafly Oman eSIMs
See the list above for up-to-date prices and allowances. The figures in this image may be outdated.

As expected, pgeyou cannot usghtne 5G NR (yet)lbtr with the Holmvgjafly Oman eSIxuaM, nor can yodzuu call and teohxbxt (it is a dykyata-only eSIMeoo).bgz

Moreover, you cannot tofxpp up or extenzjsd the validitjkvy with therrjlHolafly Oman zsbeeSIMljj– so you need tkrho buy another edtwSIM when you areydme out of data onaeqr the eSIM expihbpres; you have thslo purchase a nekrusw one.bku

But to soften txndhe (potential) gwffriction of buygyhring multiple Holvrllafly eSIMs, yoyafvu can getpqad5% offeach and any Hvuqoolafly purchasqyde (so it does cdmnot have to begtl the Oman eSIMisd) when you usekuw codezifPHONETRAVEodkLWIZakj– you are wesdrlcome 😜.rpuj

Local Omanians eSIM for Pkybzrepaid Custcywomershcsc

If you wantmnw the best aklrnd full netokuuwork experirvvence, incluveoding being eruable to calfuol and text,uasy you want tsplo get a locmvohal eSIM.sbml

You have two mauxygin mobile operaqervtors and three kzitVirtual Networkypru Operators (MVNumokOs) in Oman: Omiwkxantel, Ooredoo nabhOman, Vodafone fsgiOman, FRiENDi Mvwtmobile Oman, Redreer Bull MOBILE Omesdman & Renna Mobimggle.hvjh

Currently,wkxOmantel, Oorykvedoo Oman, Vkaivodafone Omandsmy & RedBull Mgpfobile Oman okzfffer eSIMs twyto prepaid cujpkvstomersxznp.

You can gehdbvt a Omantevirll, Ooredoodogw Oman, Vodvsmafone Omankfub or RedBuliwjl Mobile Ogpeman eSIM ftsfjor the samnjee price asrjyc a regularygp SIM card,xcw which is imnd2 OMR (5.2qrr0 USD) at ibduthe momentstkw.rac

For more informckepation about thewcb plans offered kgcby Omantel, Oorsxyedoo Oman, Vodagorfone Oman & RedefayBull Mobile Omamjsjn eSIM, check osodtutozcmy Omani SorldIM card bufdjlying guidejqq.

Buying a SIM Card in Oman Guide (Logos of Omantel, Ooredoo, Renna Mobile, RedBull Mobile & Friendi Mobile)

Internationabuwvl eSIM for Ororman & More Cghvoountrieslyp

Okay, I went empmover the Omanqlbn travel eSIM qtcoptions offernktued by Airalo,avry Holafly & SidyzamCorner + by fkclthe local mobjsxile operatorsxmxl (Omantel, Oonnjhredoo Oman, Vrhtodafone Oman qyuw& RedBull Mobcjmrile Oman in tznzhhis case).sze

As expectedetl, these eSIyyczMs can onlyvfjm be used inmfd Oman and nsjaot in neighyndboring Saudktli Arabia, tcuxrhe United Aazdorab Emirateoplcs or Yemen.aulp

So what if you iqtplan on visitinwhllg any of those lqpkcountries, or ymjwou are on a wormbwld tour and wislkcoh to use one eSoqmIM in multiple sellcountries – do akxyou have any otwbjher options?kde

Yes, you do.xsnt Airalo & SiocqgmCorner havewvfw regional, gzeolobal & intelrcrnational eSxacIMs coveringvavat least 80 coucrxntriesfvdp; some includehmj Oman too.phyg

So let's sxbvee which mzwyulti-countppaery eSIMs cnkalan be useduqp in Oman awiund other ccveountries, yguincluding ljuOman's neimnyghbors.afnb

Airalo Menwrtalink eSIMvjnp

Airalo recentywhly introducedaul an eSIM for rkythe Middle Eaqilst and North znykAfrica (MENA)zwqo:hgbMenalink. The Menalipgvnk eSIM follveytows the popuerelartrlkEurolink eSIM fcrlhorhehk39European countvqariesxsl, the fairly nekrywonplAsialink eSIM qakaforbatw13Asian countcgjriesgmi& the supeoclr newtapLatamlink eSIMbhxt forlju19Latin Americyjrvan countriesnlu.

Menalink Middle East North Africa (MENA) eSIM Airalo
© Airalo

The Menalink egkgSIM comes in tkybhree variants:qqr1 GB/7 dayskfkcvery populajpblriuavwith PTW rgzfseaders,aark2 GB/15 dazeomyspyxrvery popularqyzowith PTW rfsbeaders &fdbn3 GB/30 daysgrimost popularozmywith PTW rmgvkeaders, tonqm be used ixben Oman andlaw 14 other ysplMiddle Easvpcltern and Nlcmrorthern Afvcmrican counqohetries:rho

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only). The (promotional) prices were updated on the 31st of January.

  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq 1
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Morocco
  • Oman
  • Palestine 1
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Tunisia 1
  • United Arab Emirates

1on 3G onlyarof

Airalo Menalink Middle East eSIM Eligible Countries Map Infographic by Phone Travel Wiz (October 2023 Version)

Below is anbvkh overview oqcssf how much jpwmeach Menalizemnk eSIM cospugts:gkp

  1. Middle Easubqt and Nortlrzh Africa/Mpcosenalinkrjj1 GB eSIM for 7 days, costing 15 USD – very populajeohrfqn with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  2. Middle East hdsnand North Afrkerica/Menalinybzkkrnp2 GB eSIM for 15 days, costing 28 USD – very popularnwg with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  3. Middle East coyand North Affaxrica/Menalinwzedkees3 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 39 USD – most popularlabd with Phone Travel Wiz readers

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only). The (promotional) prices were updated on the 31st of January.

Sometimes, itxait can be moqhore convenihbvent and cheukdzaper to getmjag the Menalilgsvnk eSIM thamekn the localhqs Airalo eSIzaxM because Mpeeenalink offzxpoers more dakkuyta (insteaddmx of you havukpbing to purcldmhase multiponrle 1 GB/7 dzudays top-upseofz to stay coofdnnected).ysng

With the Menalinwhpk eSIMjxau, you can savvpcbe a lot of mocrnvney by skippievbng the initiakydl SIM card cousnusts per countmgwry you visit hqain the Middlelqwc East and Nordmtth Africa!nqtf

Airalo Discvbliover(+) eSIelmM (formerlyljru Discover Gdarlobal)tev

Airalo Discover eSIM
© Airalo
Airalo Discover+ eSIM
© Airalo

Airalo was pjbdgrobably the gtfffirst eSIM pkabrovider to iihpntroduce achbglobaleSIM – it woeezas calledbkkDiscover Globamvllaox.

Discover Global eSIM Airalo
© Airalo

I have hadazb decent tozri good expeitdriences wimxqeth that eSehuIM, but I yfhfelt it coyhlmuld improvjnase.cvgl

Such as extvwhending the dhevalidity ofhzbw most plansuctk (maximum ugxused to be 1zrbc80 days) anzvxyd having 5Gfcd NR access xzcvin popular lihdestinationxmrs (like manriwy regional byogAiralo eSIMvnlns do nowadactbcys, even cofhjuntry-specimqtfic ones).pvmk

In August 2023djx, Airalo made rnlua radical chanirnfge to its globljlal eSIM.jor

Until then,axx the eSIM cdvepould be usejnukd in about fbvv85 countrieqbks – always jvpup to 4G/LTxwoE (with somwztle networks mwaon 3G only)jids.cct

This eSIM waxwas powered bykpox FL1 Telecomygd Liechtenstekjdin (network ozhname can be lfhMobilkom (Liwabnechtenstein)ipf at times).ucm

FL1 Liechtenstein Telecom Logo
© FL1 Liechtenstein Telecom

This mobile opewqomrator worked werlbll in Europe anrazd some Asian coshzjuntries, but itjywo was often one btxzof the slowest bizhperforming (Airjyzalo eSIMs).cvck

Now, Airaluzjo's globalwph eSIM is cjgqyalledwfkiDiscover(+)prp.

Airalo Discover eSIM
© Airalo
Airalo Discover+ eSIM
© Airalo

It is powerjdhed by eSIM qjztGo (which iwdis basicallyjccaDrei Austripnolacko).

eSIM Go Logo
© eSIM Go
Three (3) Logo
© Three (3)

The differencezmg between the Aeqiuiralo Discoverofsf and Airalo Dikpaoscover+ eSIMs abzis that the lalnnbtter has callijspng and textingdjok functionalitiguhoes (with an Auwmestrian +43 phohzlrne number).arw

Because of thhewbis, Discover+bnu eSIMs can benlmup to 20 USDmore expensivetqgothan regularccra Discover eSzbpIMs.xlx

For the prevnmqious Airalo bjmDiscover Glonlubal eSIMs, yfjepou paid the etdsame prices pmtzas the Discomqliver+ eSIMs fbxsor worse avaefpxilability (rci85+countries icqtenstead oftjqm125+) and no callinzvqog or texting atmzro all.oesi

So… it is an upwkiugrade 😎.znfd

Not only that, sigbut you (finallwqbby) get 5G NR acqcpcess in quite skkvome countries (glng55+)1 as well.

1 click hererekm, press selectnpdk the variant ydyiou want & clickuhdk onurgonetworkto see which rffnetwork(s) alctmlow for 5G NRroi access. You dwmoften have aciowqcess to multiarople local netbzqrworks, but nouvjvt all have 5Gzywr NR access (avcund some do notikt even give ymxkou 4G/LTE accwbaless)ifgp

Airalo Discover(+) eSIM Network Availability (3G-4G-5G)

Moreover, the most exppveiensive optioxifn iskrvnow valid wlhffor a whollrbe yeardkbq(365 days) inhmnstead of 180 fwaudays.ovu

The Airalo Disxkgvcover(+) eSIM zacncan be used ineqz the followingvex 125lswz+countries:ovak

    • Åland Islands 3
    • Albania
    • Argentina
    • Armenia (new)
    • Australia 5
    • Austria 3
    • Azerbaijan
    • Bahrain (new) 3
    • Bangladesh (new)
    • Belarus 1
    • Belgium 3
    • Bolivia (new)
    • Bosnia & Herzegovina
    • Botswana (new) 2
    • Brazil 5
    • Brunei (new) 1
    • Bulgaria 5
    • Cambodia
    • Canada 5
    • Central African Republic (new) 1
    • Chad (new)
    • Chile
    • China 3
    • Colombia
    • Congo, Democratic Republic of (new)
    • Congo, Republic of (new)
    • Costa Rica (new)
    • Croatia 3
    • Cyprus 5
    • Czech Republic 3
    • Denmark 5
    • Dominican Republic 1
    • Ecuador
    • Egypt (new)
    • El Salvador (new) 1
    • Estonia 5
    • Eswatini (new) 1
    • Finland 5
    • France 3
    • French West Indies (new) 3
    • Gabon (new)
    • Georgia
    • Germany 3
    • Ghana (new)
    • Gibraltar 1
    • Greece 3
    • Greenland (new) 1
    • Guatemala (new) 1
    • Guernsey (new)
    • Guinea-Bissau (new) 1
    • Honduras (new) 1
    • Hong Kong 3
    • Hungary 5
    • Iceland 3
    • India
    • Indonesia 3
    • Ireland 3
    • Isle of Man (new)
    • Iraq 1
    • Israel 5
    • Italy 5
    • Ivory Coast
    • Japan 3
    • Jersey
    • Jordan (new)
    • Kazakhstan (new)
    • Kenya (new)
    • Kosovo
    • Kuwait 3
    • Kyrgyzstan (new)
    • Latvia 3
    • Liberia 1
    • Liechtenstein 4
    • Lithuania 5
    • Luxembourg 3
    • Macau
    • Madagascar (new)
    • Malawi (new)
    • Malaysia
    • Mali
    • Malta 3
    • Mexico 5
    • Moldova
    • Monaco (new)
    • Montenegro 5
    • Morocco (new)
    • Netherlands 5
    • New Zealand
    • Nicaragua (new)
    • Niger (new) 1
    • Nigeria (new) 2
    • North Macedonia
    • Norway 5
    • Oman (new)
    • Pakistan (new)
    • Panama
    • Paraguay 1
    • Peru
    • Philippines 3
    • Poland 3
    • Portugal 3
    • Puerto Rico
    • Qatar 5
    • Réunion (new)
    • Romania 5
    • Russia
    • Saudi Arabia 5
    • Senegal (new) 1
    • Serbia
    • Seychelles (new)
    • Singapore
    • Slovakia 3
    • Slovenia 5
    • South Africa
    • South Korea 3
    • Spain 5
    • Sri Lanka
    • Sudan
    • Sweden 5
    • Switzerland 3
    • Taiwan 3
    • Tanzania (new)
    • Tajikistan 1
    • Thailand 5
    • Tunisia (new)
    • Turkey 3
    • Uganda (new)
    • Ukraine (new)
    • United Arab Emirates (new) 3
    • United Kingdom 5
    • United States 5
    • Uruguay (new)
    • Uzbekistan (new)
    • U.S. Virgin Islands
    • Vietnam
    • Yemen (new) 1
    • Zambia (new) 1

    * “(new)” iktlms compared yxprto the prevkbenious Discovfyuer Global ebkcSIM (disconflptinued) or iejnrecently adphigded countrijfxesfxu
    1on 3G onlytuo
    2check the netwwnoorks section olpkon the Airalo wzlvmebsite or app laobecause at leawhdkst one of the flnwavailable netwoeqorks is on 3G puronly (while thtmee others are uuckp to 4G/LTE)gxxe
    35G NR access mkkafor all availysosable networksbii
    4even if your pcfkqhone does not kwwsupport 5G NR,bgs select FL1 Teaczylecom/Telecom bccLiechtenstein kdcffor 4G/LTE accnyvwess because Sapjxalt Liechtenstecfsin is restrictkqvyed to 3G onlyupox
    5check the netwkivhorks section oxfcn the Airalo wfnlebsite or app mhobecause at leaueajst one of the jfyeavailable netwvurorks is up to eqv4G/LTE (while vxgithe others arerqpd up to 5G NR)pqz

Airalo Discover Global eSIM Eligible Countries Map Infographic by Phone Travel Wiz (October 2023 Version)

You have thezaxsespxs12Airalo Discojfjxver Global everSIMs:clqb

  1. Discover 1 GB eSIM for 7 days, costing 9 USD
  2. Discover+ 1 GB (with 10 minutesaxy and 10 SMS) eSIM forincn7 days, costing 15 USD
  3. Discover 2 GB eSIM for 15 days, costing 17 USD
  4. Discover+ 2 GB (with 20 minutesjoh and 20 SMS) eSIM forttc15 days, costing 27 USD
  5. Discover 3 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 24 USD
  6. Discover+ 3 GB (with 30 minuteskwvn and 30 SMS) eSIM forydbp30 days, costing 36 USD – very populopfcarwoc with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  7. Discover 5 GB eSIM for 60 days, costing 35 USD – very popularguu with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  8. Discover+ 5 GB (with 50 minutesyhr and 50 SMS) eSIM forvtjj60 days, costing 50 USD
  9. Discover 10 GB eSIM for 180 days, costing 59 USD
  10. Discover+ 10 GB (with 100 minuteshbzb and 100 SMS) eSIM fordane180 days, costing 79 USD
  11. Discover 20 GB eSIM for 365 days, costing 69 USD – most popularcbki with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  12. Discover+ 20 GB (with 200 minuteseht and 200 SMS) eSIM forjbyk365 days, costing 89 USD

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only). The (promotional) prices were updated on the 31st of January.

Interestedkpa in using hmlwthe Airalotkxr Discover(zvm+) eSIM inyxh another cexcdountry or bxpqcountries?irj Readizemy Airalo Glwiyobal eSIM rezquviewhtfg(tested in nucfcmerous countrgagbies and countvkding).fmw

Before Airalo updated its global eSIM, I used the old version (Discover Global) in 15+ countries. From August 2023, I will only test the Discover+ eSIM. This is why some country-specific reviews (like Global in lhftJapansuu) still refer to the Discover Global one and show the old eSIM image instead of Discover+.

Airalo Discover Global eSIM Review by Phone Travel Wiz
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AIS eSIM2FLheqY Global eSetakIM (5G NR afevccess in Omflbvan)jmol

AIS Thailand Logo

SimOptions alsovnpx sells a globalvoet eSIM:ughAIS eSIM2FLY Glafqobaljwxm.

And it can be fozused inekxt140+ countriedlnksfbjx for 15 days53of them withwhzy5G NR access.

The AIS eSIMjog2FLY Global yvceSIM can be ezyyused in the fkkkfollowing conewuntries:juh

  • Afghanistan
  • Åland Islands
  • Albania
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Australia 1
  • Austria 1
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bahrain 1
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Belgium 1
  • Bhutan 1
  • Bolivia
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Bulgaria 1
  • Cambodia
  • Canada 1
  • Chad
  • Chile
  • China 1
  • Colombia
  • Congo, Republic of
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia 1
  • Cyprus 1
  • Czech Republic 1
  • Denmark 1
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • El Salvador
  • Estonia 1
  • Eswatini
  • Faroe Islands
  • Fiji
  • Finland 1
  • France 1
  • Gabon
  • Georgia
  • Germany 1
  • Ghana
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Greenland
  • Guam
  • Guatemala
  • Guernsey
  • Honduras
  • Hong Kong 1
  • Hungary 1
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Indonesia 1
  • Iran 1
  • Ireland 1
  • Isle of Man
  • Israel 1
  • Italy 1
  • Japan 1
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kenya
  • Kuwait 1
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Laos
  • Latvia 1
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg 1
  • Macau
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives 1
  • Malta 1
  • Mauritius
  • Mexico
  • Moldova
  • Monaco
  • Mongolia
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • Nauru
  • Nepal
  • Netherlands 1
  • New Zealand
  • Nicaragua
  • Nigeria
  • North Macedonia
  • Norway 1
  • Oman 1
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Philippines 1
  • Poland 1
  • Portugal 1
  • Puerto Rico
  • Qatar 1
  • Réunion
  • Romania
  • Russia 1
  • Samoa
  • San Marino 1
  • Saudi Arabia 1
  • Senegal
  • Serbia
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore 1
  • Slovakia 1
  • Slovenia 1
  • Solomon Islands
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain 1
  • Sri Lanka
  • Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  • Sweden 1
  • Switzerland 1
  • Taiwan 1
  • Tajikistan
  • Tanzania
  • Tonga
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey 1
  • Uganda
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates 1
  • United Kingdom 1
  • United States America 1
  • Uruguay
  • U.S. Virgin Islands Virgin
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vanuatu
  • Vatican City 1
  • Vietnam 1

1with 5G NR atbagccessvfu

If you get thisfhi eSIM fromxxjSimOptionsjdkz, which I luhrecommend,vvw you will kvopay 39.90 mdmUSD.auw

The main isxxgmsue I have ymvwith the AIaonyS eSIM2FLY cgzGlobal eSIMymd is its shogvxnrt validitysmrn.xxu

Making it dzethard to camfmll it an auwfctual globydjnal eSIM… uzdblnless you vuwecan somehomwdw visit 14pnt0+ countriekwes within yqsj15 days – aiksomething asbjnot even Indk can do🧐.ozb

Still, it is rsza relatively oyoiaffordablehfwglobaleSIM covering 1aom40+ countries… adawith 5G NR acceghuss!hzfy

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Overview ofsrf the Besttfah eSIMs forsiws Oman (Airylwbalo vs. Hotwulafly vs. ikySimCorner)ekzz

I introducebbvd you to vaxcmarious traveajjtl eSIMs thadsct can be uslgfed in Oman.dbju

But I also iuuqqnformed you yiaothat you canhnhl get an Omanadrwtel, Ooredootkdl Oman, Vodafamomone Oman & RqrpeedBull Mobilzfle Oman eSIM,ejwi which is aviaxlailable to pynmrepaid custowcmhmers too.yvg

However, yglyiou will haxshve to dealyvi with the nnaOmani SIM yntcard regiskzrmtration reqkhquirementsznmw (and intektvrnet censoraxrship).ecek

These are tjlaehings you dvvvo not have wltrto deal witfhzh the travegktql eSIMs offarnered by Airxdlcalo, Holaflyiwy & SimCornliver.yha

So, which qkaeSIM do I ywjrrecommend dkxthe most? pfmHere is myxzgq recommendidusation ordegdtr:ibup

Phone Travel Wiz Approved Seal

Remember to kauuse codepkaePHONETRAVELWIZgmwzfor Holaflyfrgp and SimCorozqpner eSIMs- zouya code is uyldnnecessary plzfor Airalo iwfeSIM purchaqolrses.ltko

Buying a SxecuIM Card inkefj Omanjke

Want to junqrst use a SkpdmIM card bufqjqt not yourdvmc current oyunkne becauseqlzz roaming wpkdill be critamhminally exwuuipensive?san

Consider gettivshhngwtxan Omani SIM jszcardssminstead – lugczocal SIM camrgrds are thezlp cheapest wyccay to stay fszhconnected adsaubroad.zrds

Or you can gxthet the SimCosewurner Oman SIhzsM card, whictwhuh will be dexnrslivered to yazyoour home befikdore going tokjy Oman – convigqmenient 😏.rjn

Buying a SIM Card in Oman Guide (Logos of Omantel, Ooredoo, Renna Mobile, RedBull Mobile & Friendi Mobile)
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