Women Prefer a Frowning Guy


You know that old cliché of the frowning guy who sits quietly by himself in the corner and gets all the girls attention? According to new research it’s the brooding, moody, hard to get man that women find most attractive (hindustantimes). Happy and content men, not so much. The University of British Columbia conducted a study of one thousand adults to reach this conclusion. Smiling, content men were the least attractive because they didn’t appear as masculine, strong or robust as their brooding cohorts. There were many other reasons posited for this phenomenon. First, evolutionary theories suggest that men who act this way do so out of status, competence and pride. A brooding, unhappy and closed man also presents a challenge to a woman. A smiling man would be easy to attract. But someone who is distant, serious and disinterested is difficult for her to get attention from. It’s a huge ego boost if she can win his heart. This is the basic tendency of people not valuing what is easy to acquire, but valuing what is hard to get. Psychologist Nranjan Reddy says that it’s the secret he’s holding that gives a sense of intrigue, magnetically drawing women in.

Although we know that women are attracted to these type of men, is it good for them? That is another matter. Oftentimes these type of men have serious psychological problems, are going through a hard time in life, or are just lone wolves who do not always make the best partners. It isn’t that a woman who is attracted to this type of man can’t find love. But she should be careful to look underneath the surface, take her time and see why exactly he acts this way. Jumping into a full on relationship with a mate who acts like this may be wonderful. A woman can help him with whatever is bothering him and the two can grow close and form a tight bond. It could also be toxic as whatever underlying issues he has starts to affect her. Instead, take your time to get to know him. Guys, having this knowledge can be good for you too. Instead of acting very happy and content, why not try a serious pose when attracting the woman of your dreams. Don’t always act this way, but find your inner serious guy and show her this side of you first. You may get better results than you realize.

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