Why Women over 50 are great to Date


The stereotype is that men of a certain age only look to date younger women. But the truth is lots of older guys like to date women their own age or even a little older. We aren’t talking about the cougar phenomenon here. These are middle aged to older men. First, it’s hard for these men to relate to a younger woman. Sure she has sex appeal. But even so, a man wants to have stimulating conversation over the dinner table as much as a woman does. Instead, a man of a certain age wants a companion as well as a lover. He wants a best friend whom he can share his life with. One of the sexiest things to a man is when he can make a woman laugh. When she gets his jokes, he feels amazing. And women find funny men very attractive. But younger women won’t get these jokes. They probably don’t know the same cultural references. This is a turnoff. Baby boomer men like women that don’t take off at the first whiff of trouble. They have stronger wills and are more capable than those that came after. There are plenty of other reasons why women over 50 are great to date if you are a man of a certain age.

Women over 50 are more centered in their lives. They know who they are and what they want. They don’t just want a warm body next to them, they want a true companion. They know their likes and dislikes by now. They know what their needs are and how to best fulfill them so all the guesswork that makes younger women so hard to deal with has been taken out of the equation. Generally speaking they don’t have a huge checklist of standards in order to be a possible love interest either. Women over 50 are generally self-sufficient and looking for a mate and companion, not an ego boost or a meal ticket. Boomer women are more forgiving and more understanding. But younger women are still developing these skills. If you have ED or some other issue, women at this age will be much more understanding of health issues. Sex isn’t as big of a deal as it once was. A boomer woman who is single was probably already married. Therefore, the pressure to get married again probably isn’t there. Instead, she wants a companion who she can enjoy spending time with. Woman around this age aren’t looking for the handsome, young rebel or the superstar. Instead they look at the real person inside and judge from that whether or not they want to be with him. For more on this topic, read Dating After 50 For Dummies by Pepper Schwartz.

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