When Your Gut is Telling You the Relationship isn’t Right


Are you with someone who has great qualities but you just don’t know if this is the one, or the one for you? When your gut is telling you the relationship isn’t right, it’s important to listen. Our intuition is right more often than it’s wrong. In fact, intuition is a kind of knowledge in itself. An experience you’ve had or noticed somewhere deep in your psyche is ringing, trying to let you know something is important. Answer that call. It could be tough, but look to the future. Do you see yourself marrying this person? Remember, we’re not talking about feeling butterflies when all the world is shiny and new because you’re in love. We’re talking about a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you something isn’t right. First, break up with the person. It may be hard but you’re not meant to be together. It can feel as if your whole world is coming down, to you and to them. But the truth is, both of you will be fine with some space between you and this relationship. This isn’t your only chance to get married. You will have lots of chances. But why stay in a relationship that clearly isn’t working?

Next, try to see why you had this feeling. Was it something about them or you? If it was something about them, determine what it is so that you aren’t in the same situation with your next romantic partner. If it’s something about you, determine what it is and how best to deal with it. Does chatting with a good friend clear it up, writing a journal, a little introspection, or perhaps some time with a counselor? Determine the source. Do you feel inadequate and unable to be with your significant other? Is it a fear of commitment? Do you feel unlovable? There are lots of reasons why you may be having this problem. But if you ignore that feeling in your stomach and walk down the aisle, that simple feeling will grow and your marriage will become a disaster. Instead, nip it in the bud, decide what the next step is and move forward. Letting that person hang on while you figure out what’s wrong with you, or with them, isn’t fair to either party. Remember you don’t want a relationship that isn’t working to drag on and on. The love you want is right around the bend. Just find ways to prepare yourself for it, and it will be there when you’re ready. You can learn more about following your gut feelings through the advice of Francis E. Umesiri Phd in his book, Intuitive Listening: How to listen to your intuition and follow your gut feeling.

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