What Men Like Most about Women


You’ve seen those commercials, a femme fatale strolls confidently down the street as all the male heads snap toward her so fast they’re liable to get a neck injury. But the truth is, though beauty and a nice figure can draw a guy in, it’s personality traits that perpetuate his interest in you. No amount of beauty can overcome shallowness, greed, self-centeredness, a bad temper and many other negative traits. Though these drive men away, women often wonder what qualities men like most about women. Accentuate these qualities in yourself and you’ll soon find more male suitors than you know what to do with. Guys like ladies who have a great attitude. It may sound unsurprising but a quick look around will reveal how many people slump or grumble through life. If she’s fun, lighthearted, breezy and slightly playful, she’ll soon find men hanging around just to be near her. Confidence is another factor. A shy girl that hides in the corner has difficulty getting noticed. We all feel shy sometimes. But if you take the courage to strike up a conversation, or angle yourself in a position to be noticed and have him strike one up, even just ask him for help with something, the guy will feel encouraged and will most probably approach. Do things to ramp up your confidence. Dress well, get a hairstyle that fits you and if you don’t feel it, fake it until you make it, for shy and confidently aloof can appear the same.

A slight flirtation can get a man’s pulse to quicken. A slight raise of the eyebrows at a witty remark, a nibble of the lower lip or a pursing of the lips when in deep thought, smiling, laughing, hanging on to his words, touching his arm or brushing up against his shoulder will all make him notice you in a subtle and provocative way. Be smooth and subtle but show a little skin. Going too far is a cry for attention and may dilute what you are trying to get across. Instead, take stock of your assets and find out how you can accentuate them without going overboard. A little cleavage or a little leg can go a long way. If a guy you are interested in flirts with you, flirt back. It doesn’t have to be intense. A smile, a little eye contact, a mysterious wink or a seductive glance can draw him in like metal to a magnet. Lastly, use the power of your voice. Lots of women don’t realize how her words or the sound of her voice affect a man. Just speaking in a way that elicits interest can keep the boys hunkered around your cubicle wondering when the best time to ask you out is. You don’t have to change your voice. Just understand that a mild little joke, a whispered secret, a tantalizing tale or a quick little compliment can get a man’s heart racing. For more guidance on how to attract men, read the advice of Bob Grant in his book, The Attraction Factor- 4 Simple Yet Powerful Principles That Will Melt Any Man’s Heart.

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