What Makes a Marriage Strong?

Strong Marriage

Research has shown that happily married people are healthier, financially more secure, have lower risk of heart disease, dementia and cancer (rd.com). They get more physical activity and have a lower chance of being smokers. Unhealthy relationships, however, have the opposite effect. High conflict relationships give the members a higher chance of heart disease, psychological problems, and illness. Now this is a generalization, looking at your marriage overall. Of course, every marriage has its ups and downs; but if the general course of your marriage is strong, you will be happy and reap all the health and psychological benefits that accompany it. So what can you do to ensure a strong marriage?

Take time out of your busy schedule to spend time together. Have a date night, go to the movies, or go away together. Find common interests that you can do and plan such as day trips, antiquing, photography trips, bowling; whatever it is you enjoy doing together. Next, tell your spouse how much you love and appreciate them. Tell them when they look handsome or beautiful. Compliment their outfit when they look amazing in it, surprise them with little things, and give a massage without being asked. Another important thing is to edit your reactions. If you find your spouse has done something that drives you crazy for the umpteenth time, find a different way to express it; you could use humor, write a note, or send an email. If you turn out to be a nag, your partner will just tune you out. Lastly, if you find you are bickering all the time, seek out a marriage counselor . Find one you both like and respect.

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