Wedding Tiffs Predict Future Collisions


If you and your spouse fought while planning your wedding, you may have disregarded it as just normal stress. But in fact wedding tiffs can predict future collisions in your marriage ( Did you and your spouse fight over the wedding cake? Believe it or not a wedding cake can symbolize the style a couple has. Conflict over the cake may show up again when decorating the house, picking out furniture and other elements of interior design. Don’t despair; there are some easy fixes to this problem. Find a way to include little touches from each of your styles in each room. Give each person one room in the house where they get a free pass. They can decorate this room however he or she sees fit. Everything else is up for negotiation and compromise. Did one of you want an extravagant wedding while the other wanted something small, intimate and low key? You may fight about where you live, whether it is a mansion in a ritzy section of town or a quiet bedroom community in an out-of-the-way suburb. One person wants to make a statement, the other wants to lead a quiet life. This raises a lot of questions. Are you a couple of means? Is one person trying to live up to parental expectations or in a race with a friend or sibling? Whatever the issue, it’s important that both partners are in sync with where they live and why they are living there.

Did you two fight over the guest list or seating chart at your wedding? You may have future issues with prioritizing important people in your lives. When should you visit with friends and with family? Whose family do you visit on certain holidays? You may also find instances when one person wants to go out while the other wants to stay in more often than not. What do you do? You could designate certain days of the week, say Friday night is socializing time, Saturday you stay in, and Sunday is family time. Also, why not go to one person’s family’s house one year for a certain holiday, and another person’s the next? You could also spend certain holidays with certain sides of the family and other holidays with the other side. If you fought about your first dance at your wedding, it might mean that you have different styles when it comes to romance. If one person felt it was like a fairy tale while the other couldn’t wait until it was over, you may need to talk about romance and what it means to each of you. You have to meet the other person halfway. Appreciate when they do make the effort. Lastly, if you fought about the honeymoon, your hot button issue may be how you spend free time. If one person is a go-getter while the other just wants to chill, consider spending a little time apart on vacation. Try doing things at your partner’s pace too, and enjoy life from another point of view.

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