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Verbal Abuse Divorce

Is your romantic partner verbally abusive? A lot of people suffer in verbally abusive relationships and don’t even know it. The problem here is that a person can be abusive with their language at certain times, and loving and kind with it at others ( Verbal abuse is trickier to point out than physical abuse. When you have been physically hit, there is no mistaking it. Verbal abuse, however, depends on the intentions of the person’s words and how it makes you feel. Sometimes people subconsciously seek out verbally abusive relationships because their parents were verbally abusive, or because they have self-esteem or self-image issues. Here are some ways to tell if you are in a verbally abusive relationship.

If there is name calling in your relationship or you feel as though you are being put down, most likely you are. Are these names sarcastic? Are they meant to be playful or hurtful? Sometimes even constructive criticism can be a veiled attack. If you are the type of person who is paranoid, you may want to sit down calmly with an outsider, a friend, or someone who knows both of you and how you interact. Try to see what their thoughts are on this matter.

Other cases are more straightforward. Mocking, shaming, cursing or swearing, yelling or even threatening someone, are all overt forms of verbal abuse. You should confront your partner and sit down calmly to tell him or her how this behavior makes you feel. Work out more constructive ways to communicate. You should also seek couple’s counseling. If your romantic partner refuses counseling, you should still go by yourself for your own benefit. If your partner refuses counseling, they may not be that invested in the relationship and perhaps you should seek greener pastures. If your significant other is threatening you, get away from them. If they are seriously threatening you with violence, contact the police immediately.

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