Things to Make you Better than his Ex


When a guy is at a certain point in his life, more often than not he thinks about settling down. But if he has any brains, he evaluates who he is dating carefully to see if they are marriage material. If you really like this guy and want him to get serious, do things to make you better than his ex, and he’s sure to stick around. Be better than her at staying positive. Lots of girls export all their happiness to their man. That’s a whole lot of responsibility to be carrying around. A guy can cripple under that wait. But a girl who is resilient, versatile, who says everything is going to be okay and means it, is a keeper. Life is hard enough. He wants a partner who has his back, not a casualty he has to carry around. Are you an easy going type of girl, or does he have to walk on eggshells around you? If it’s the eggshells, possibly reconsider your position. It’s hard to be with someone who’s difficult to be with. No one wants to be with someone who gets mad at them all the time, or isn’t fun to be with. When you do get mad, tell him what you are mad about. Don’t tell him nothing and not mean it. If you need time to deconstruct what happened and how you feel, tell him so. Don’t feign being mad to gain leverage. Playing games always backfires sooner or later.

A man wants a lady who is comfortable on her own, who doesn’t need to be babysat. If you can entertain, keep things rolling, mingle, and make small talk, you are definitely a great catch. If you look to him to fill all the gaps, hide behind him and make him include you in everything, not so much. Just like women, guys notice when a woman is generous. Whether it’s with a gift, her time, her energy, or leaving a tip, a girl who goes out of her way gets brownie points from her man. Another important factor is whether or not she has her own things going on. Even though guys love attention, no man wants his lady to make him and their relationship the center of her universe. He wants her to have her own interests, friends, goals, and dreams. It makes her interesting and well rounded. It takes the pressure off him, letting him explore his interests and goals. And it gives you two things to talk about together. Finally, a man wants a woman he can be comfortable with. He wants someone who isn’t always high maintenance and who he can hang on the couch and watch TV with, without having to worry every ten seconds whether or not she’s having a good time. He wants someone he feels has his back. A lady he can trust. These qualities are what make a good girlfriend and ultimately wife. These qualities could count just the same for a boyfriend and husband, too. For more insight on how to be better than his ex, read the advice of Wendy Walsh in her book, The Girlfriend Test: A Quiz for Women Who Want to Be a Better Date and a Better Mate.

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