Things Guys Don’t Notice


No matter what number date it is, women love to get dressed up, primped, made up and in all other ways prepared to knock his socks off. That said, no matter how hard you try there are just some things guys don’t notice. Lots of girls get frustrated by this, particularly when it’s something she’s spent a lot of time on. Though it can be frustrating, remember there are differences between the sexes. Take a deep breath, and try to take it in stride. It isn’t his fault. It’s in his gender, or perhaps even his DNA. One thing guys generally don’t notice is a new haircut. Of course, if it’s a dramatic change from what your hair was like before, he will pick up on it, and probably compliment it. But besides going from a long hair to a pixie, if the change isn’t overly dramatic it will probably fly under his radar. If you spent a small fortune and half a day at the salon and he doesn’t even notice, or flubs a compliment when you finally bring it up, don’t sit there fuming. Just remember he is a guy. This isn’t exactly his forte.

Lots of ladies love to sport the labels, and pay a high price for them. You may be covered from head to toe in designer fashion that makes the girls in the office drool, but your guy can’t tell something that comes from a high class boutique from the rags they have at the local overstock strip mall. Whether it’s Jimmy Choo’s or Tommy Chongs, he isn’t going to notice. So don’t get upset when his only interest in your clothes is how fast he can take them off of you on the way to the bedroom. Ladies sure do obsess about their clothes and how they fit. But if something is a little too tight or too loose, you may feel insecure about it, but he won’t even bat an eye. The reason? It’s not something guys are prone to observe. Mark this one on the positive side of the ledger. If you bought him a nice gift to surprise him with, don’t be miffed if he rips through the wrapping paper you painstakingly picked out. Guys are far more excited and focused on what’s inside than how it looks. It’s just how they are. Perhaps mention it offhandedly and the next time he’ll slow down and remember to comment on it. But if you want it to be organic you may be asking too much. Lastly, he will say that you look nice, great, or even beautiful. But if you want more out of a guy than that when you’ve spent hours preparing for a date, you will probably be disappointed. He doesn’t know how long you’ve spent preparing. He probably took a quarter of the time himself. For more insight on this topic, read the advice of James Taylor in his book, How Men Think: Read His Mind & Unlock the Secrets to His Heart.

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