The Importance of Common Interests

Importance Common Interests

Some healthy couples have a hobby that is very important to them in common. For instance, there are strong relationships where couples that are writers, photographers or musicians do their hobby together. There are couples that are both artists or in a related field and can talk about that. Then there are healthy relationships where each person is interested in a separate or unrelated hobby or pastime. The husband likes to fish for instance while the wife likes to shop. Many different factors can bring a couple together, such as mutual attraction, a similar sense of humor, or a shared experience. Spending time apart and exploring personal interests is important, but a husband and wife should also find things they can do together to strengthen their bond.

This doesn’t mean that if your spouse likes a certain sport, you should be at every game. But once in a while to compromise a Saturday is not a big deal, as long as this phenomenon is reciprocal. But it doesn’t have to be that if you couldn’t care less about football, let’s say, and wouldn’t be caught dead at a game. Instead, why not have a movie night? If you like culture, go to museums or galleries together. Seasonal events are fun for everyone like apple picking, seeing a holiday show, a day at the beach, and so on. Outdoor activities and even exercising together can make your relationship more exciting and bring you closer.

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