The Better Your Financial Situation, The More Complex Your Divorce

Financial Complex Divorce

The higher up you are, the farther you can potentially fall.  This is especially true when it comes to money matters in a divorce.  The more money and financial assets you have, the more there is to fight over, divide, and potentially lose or gain for yourself.  More financially complex assets will take longer to allocate and may require various investigations and discoveries from both sides.  And although having more finances usually makes the divorce process more complex and drawn out, it is still the better alternative to having very little finances to support you.

A divorce is financially draining, no matter how much or little money you have, and it can be financially devastating for those individuals who are already not financially well-off.  If you are in a good monetary position before your divorce, know that you may lose some of your finances (or quite a bit!), but the finances you do have will allow you to make it out of the divorce in one piece.  Realize how fortunate you are if this is your scenario and let it decrease some of your stress surrounding the divorce.

Being financially lacking could be a big issue for you when it comes to a divorce.  Usually, however, when this is the case, couples opt for a simple divorce through mediation and don’t take matters to the courtroom.  These couples may hate each other just as much as wealthy couples going through a divorce, but they realize that they cannot afford court costs, and make the practical decision to compromise or mediate.  This is actually to their benefit because, as many divorcees have experienced, the fights that ensue upon bringing a case to court exacerbate issues before they resolve them.


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