The 300 Sandwich Engagement

300 Sandwich Engagement

Have you heard of the reporter from the New York Post who is making 300 sandwiches in order to get her boyfriend to propose? ( She was recently on the Today Show, but said that this stunt was actually a joke. However, her move has got lots of people talking about engagement, the modern state of feminism and how men and women should interact and when is the right time to get married. Though some people come from a more traditional background, feminism means that women should not have to be chained to traditional domestic roles. No woman should have to make so many sandwiches to get a guy to marry her. And female domesticity shouldn’t be a precondition to a woman’s marriage prospects. We must understand that Ms. Smith wasn’t asked by her boyfriend to make all these sandwiches, she did it on her own. She has stated that he makes her dinner all the time, highlighting that he isn’t a chauvinist.

On the other side of the coin, women have also put men through many tests for trust, compatibility and just to see how a man might react to a given situation. These tests aren’t always necessarily fair either. Instead of testing each other in a way that looks demeaning and may blow up in your face, in other words the person may storm off aggravated and insulted, hurting your chances at marital bliss, why not find out more about each other naturally? Let the relationship unfold on its own accord. Natural tests like meeting someone’s family or friends, attending events together, spending time together, doing a variety of activities and helping each other out in times of need will all shed light on just the type of person you are dating, and whether or not they are right for you in a long term relationship, possibly marriage. This sandwich gesture was not meant to change anyone’s mind about relationships. It isn’t an enlightening move. Instead, it’s meant merely to grab attention and headlines. Lastly, it sends the wrong message that once you’ve locked someone into commitment then providing for one another is over. In fact, your commitment to one another has just begun.

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