How to take your Girlfriend to a Gentlemen’s Club


How to take your Girlfriend to a Gentlemen’s Club

Lots of guys think that they can’t take their girlfriend to a gentlemen’s club.  Truth is some girls are totally down, but your timing has to be right. The circumstances too have to be good. Don’t spring it on her on the way to a funeral, or after work when she’s tired. But if the two of you are bored and staring at each other over a couple of salads on a Saturday night, it might be a fun way to spice things up. There are some things you’d best watch out for. Here is how to take your girlfriend to a gentlemen’s club.

First, don’t tell her once you’ve pulled into the parking lot. Break the idea in advance. Feel it out. If she has any bi-curiosity, bring this up. Let her know that you think it’s hot that she thinks it’s hot. Tell her you want to get all turned on there, come home and make passionate love to her, use it as a way to get to ecstasy. The sale of orgasmic bliss may just be enough to push her over the edge. If it’s about ogling other women, she may or may not be down. But if it’s about her, her enjoyment and her fantasies, she just may be your designated driver.

Don’t get hammered however, or you are likely to make a fool of yourself and ruin any chances of further trips to the strip club. Once there, see if she’s interested in a lap dance. Now if you care about this woman at all, for the love of all that is good in this world, do not take her to the seedy, greasy neighborhood strip club. Don’t take her to a dive. Not only will she not enjoy it, and tell others about it, you will lessen your chances of getting some real hot action later. And who would do that? Find a place she’d like to go to. Show her their web page. Send her some links and ask which one she prefers. Write her dirty texts or emails saying what you will see, and what you will do to her afterward. It’s especially important to talk to her about it a week in advance, and perhaps the day before.

Remember to approach it right, telling her how hot it will be. Maybe you won’t even take her home but have her right in the backseat in the parking lot. How hot would that be? Women get turned on by being desired. And if you hint at the frenzy of passion you will enact upon her, she’ll be so turned on you might even get some action beforehand. Whatever you do never ever compare your girlfriend to the strippers. It will never sound complimentary. Don’t act like you are not at a strip club. You are. Relax and enjoy it and she will too. Be a little bit classy. Ask if it’s okay that you get a lap dance, and perhaps buy her one at the same time. Use it as a fantasy builder for her and you will ultimately reap all the benefits. For more advice on enhancing your sex life read, Spice up Your Marriage: A 28-Day Adventure by Hallie Lord.

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