Science Says What Kind of Men Women are Most Attracted to


Science Says What Kind of Men Women are Most Attracted to

Guys are traditionally the pursuers, and even though we live in an enlightened society most women still prefer it that way. But lots of guys wonder what kind of man women are attracted to, and how to bring the best qualities out in themselves. Women tend to vary greatly in tastes. Lucky for most poor dolts who have hardly a clue, science has stepped in to try and answer the dizzying, age-old question of what kind of guy women want. Here are some of the things science has uncovered. If you’re flying without your wingman, you may find yourself cruising over lonesomeville for quite some time. For one thing, women rate men more attractive in group photos rather than when by themselves, at least according to a study out of the University of San Diego. Therefore, it stands to reason you look better when someone’s there with you. Researchers say this is due to something called the “cheerleader effect.” People look more attractive with their faces together, since incongruities in any one person are sort of evened out by the whole group. Another thing, women like men who know how to work a room. If you are always with an entourage and you’re the life of the party, or at least she thinks you are, you look high status and someone fun to be around.

Are you a single dad? Be sure to take your baby out cruising. Just keep it during daytime hours. Not only will you get father of the year, you might score a few phone numbers. A study in France found that men who cooed, smiled at and talked to infants were 40% more likely to score a woman’s phone number than those who ignored a baby. Researchers say it shows a greater propensity for being a good dad, should the couple have offspring. Some guys shave every day. Others sport a righteous beard. But why not shave every ten days? According to Australian researchers, men who did so were seen as the most attractive. This layer of stubble is thought to project just the right level of masculinity. Here’s some simple advice. Get some nice wheels and you’ll turn heads. If you can’t afford it, borrow some. A British study found that the same dude in a Bentley Continental was found way more attractive than one in a Ford Fiesta, even with the same clothes and facial expressions. Status is the reason, and the projection of resources which he may be willing to share with a certain, special lady.

If you’re an animal lover, taking your dog for a walk may not just be a necessity, but a way to meet someone. A French study found that women were three times more likely to give up their digits to a man walking his dog versus one who approached alone. Dogs break the ice. They also project kindness, sensitivity and thoughtfulness, all qualities women find appealing. Got a little extra time? Why not volunteer? A Cornell study found that women who knew a man volunteered found him a better candidate for dating and a long-term relationship, due to the fact that he was more selfless and compassionate. If you really want to get a woman to fall for you, make her laugh. A University of New Mexico study found that those guys who could make a sharp witted quip and make a woman laugh were more likely to have short-term, uncommitted sex than their straight-laced counterparts. These quick bursts reveal creativity and intellect, two qualities women greatly desire.

Lastly, if you want to get more hits on your dating profile, include the words “creative,” “ambitious,” and “laugh.” Dating sight Zoosk did a survey and found profiles that had these words got 33% more messages. Include words like “read” or “book” or exercise words like jogging, lifting weights and the like also increased message frequency. Be sure to take it slow. Mention “drinks” or “dinner” too quickly and your response rate will plummet 35%. So this advice improves your hit rate. But what about quality control? Read, How To Get A Date Worth Keeping: Be Dating In Six Months Or Your Money Back by Henry Cloud, and you’ll have that covered too.

How to be Single and Love it

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How to be Single and Love it

Some people love being single, others can’t stand it, but most of us are in-between. The truth is that being single makes you more independent, content and forces you to develop yourself, solve your own problems and seek happiness from within, qualities that make you an excellent catch. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, how are you ready to be with someone else? The first thing you have to do is get rid of all the negative voices that inhibit your love of being single. Society, family and others often send out the message that you have to be coupled up to be happy. But that’s changing; 40% of American households are headed by singles nowadays. You are in good company. Put your family at arm’s length. Read articles like this one about being single and loving it, and avoid all those that only talk about relationships. Spend time reconnecting with single friends, or making new single friends to go out with. If all your friends are coupled up it can weigh you down. Although on a girl’s or guy’s night out, who doesn’t want a taken wingman? But coupled friends don’t want to spend all night at the single’s bar. So it pays to have single friends you can dish with, complain to and go out with.

Next, make sure people know that you love flying solo. Look back on your relationships and realize that you’re much happier being single and well-adjusted than in a relationship and miserable. Reconnect with yourself. Take up a hobby you always wanted to try. Travel. Start a business. Go back to school. Reinvest in yourself. Do something that scares the crap out of you and conquer your fears. Renew relationships with old friends, and even old flames. See this as a time to suck the marrow from life’s bones. Start journaling. Make a dream board. Write a bucket list of the things you want to do with your time on earth and outline plans, benchmarks and ways to reach those goals. If you feel down about being single one day, get a pen and some paper and jot down five things you love about being single. Lastly, don’t wallow in singlehood, celebrate it. Every situation has a good and bad side. Find the good one’s of your single life and accentuate them. Find things that you couldn’t do if you were attached that really speak to you and start fulfilling that list. Develop yourself. Work on the relationship with numero uno. And when you are ready, the right one will appear to you and you will know what to do effortlessly. For more advice, read Single Is Not A Curse by Tony Gaskins Jr.

Unconventional ways To Get a Date


Unconventional ways To Get a Date

Have you exhausted your social circle? Have dating websites given you nothing but duds? Has speed dating proven to be an efficient waste of time? If you are stuck in a dating rut and all the usual avenues seem like dead ends, why not try some of these unconventional ways to get a date? It will shake things up, put a little excitement back into your dating life and who knows, maybe it will even give you a great story about how you two met each other? There are a few different options here. Not every strategy is right for everyone. Evaluate carefully and pick a few that are right for you. The first tactic is to network at family reunions, parties and other social gatherings. Ask people to set you up. Do they know anyone who is single and might be interested in you? There’s no shame in it. In fact, people love playing matchmaker. The people you identify with know you very well. They are far less likely to set you up with a dud. In fact, they may know someone perfect for you; it just hasn’t come to mind. Next, you may not want an office romance. But lots of big companies have social clubs with different bends. They have sports teams you can join. And these are a great way to meet people. You can also ask work colleagues to set you up. But instead of looking desperate, frame it in a nice way. Tell your cubicle mate you’d love to find someone that makes you as happy as their significant other makes them. Voila, you’ll be set up in no time, but you may have to try with more than one coworker.

If you meet someone you really click with but they’re taken, ask if they have any single friends that you can check out. Many people are likeminded with their friends. And it might be exciting for you to ask them. See if it pans out. It can’t hurt. Next time you go to a party, social gathering or out for a night on the town, break off from your wingman at fifteen minute intervals so that you can mingle and network. Don’t do it without discussing it with them beforehand. Let them know that you love hanging out with them but you want to meet someone, and they might be intimidated or you may not look interested in them if you are attached to someone or a group of friends all night. Hit up people in the service industry. If you go to the same hair salon or barber, coffee house, restaurant, bar or any other establishment where you’re friendly with the staff, ask them if they know anyone single they’d be willing to set you up with. If there’s another patron who you’ve had your eye on, ask the staff about them. They can probably tell you if they are single and all kinds of other details about them. They might even help set you up. In the days of social media, use friends of friends both on and offline to see if they know anyone single. It’s all about networking, framing things in the right way, not being afraid of being single but embracing it, enjoying it and enjoying the process of meeting new people and going on dates. Don’t hide being single, celebrate it.  For more dating advice, read True Love Dates: Your Indispensable Guide to Finding the Love of your Life by Debra K. Fileta, MA, LPC.

Avoid Third Wheel Syndrome


Do you hate being the third wheel? But yet again your friend is dating someone new, you are single, and of course you want to spend time with your friend but not take time away from their relationship.  What do you do? Can you avoid third wheel syndrome or are you destined to it? The truth is you aren’t destined to be the third wheel. But it depends on how you look at it, too. You could use this situation to your advantage. For now, realize that if this is a new relationship and the two want to spend all their time together, they may be in need of a little space. Give it to them. But don’t forget about your friend. Drop your friend a call or a text. Hang out with them one on one. And even spend some time with the new couple. But don’t forget to invest in yourself, too. Why not do some things that he or she didn’t like to do but that you do? Go see that movie they didn’t want to see. Or go skating in the park since they can’t skate. Why not spend some time with your other friends? Reconnect with acquaintances. Is there someone in the other department you are friendly with but never get a chance to talk to? Is there someone in your English class you never followed up with? Now is your chance.

When you do hang out with the couple, why not use this to your advantage? Ask if their significant other has any single friends to hook you up with. When you go out, elicit them as your wingman or wingwoman. Have them help you select who you can chat with, flirt with or hit on and who is a waste of your time. It’s like having your own personal spy. Remember not to make things awkward. Do tell them how happy you are for them, but don’t tell them you are anxious you’ll never find someone like him or her. That puts a lot of pressure on the couple and makes them feel guilty. You don’t want to do that. It also puts a wedge between you and your friend. Keep things light and fun. Instead, eliciting their boyfriend or girlfriend as matchmaker is much more fun, and a brilliant stoke. Just don’t say that they need to find someone for you. That makes it work. Challenge them to find someone for you instead. Is there someone out there already for you or someone you’ve had your eye on? Why not propose a double date? It will help take the pressure off, that’s for sure. Enjoy your friend’s new relationship. Don’t look at it as a downer. It has tons of benefits for you, even above and beyond having a happier friend. For more tips on how to enjoy being single, read the advice of Judy Ford in her book, Single: The Art of Being Satisfied, Fulfilled and Independent.