Romance, Guy Style


Romance, Guy Style

We all know what women find romantic. But what about when it comes to men?  How you do sweep a guy off his feet? Flowers, candle lit dinners and moonlit buggy rides aren’t it. It can be difficult to guess what gifts or gestures he’ll appreciate. But not to worry, here are some ideas. Here’s romance, guy style. First, when you do something nice for your guy, don’t expect something automatically in return. It kills the mood. You don’t want him to show up with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and just after you swoon say, “Hey, what are you going to do for me?” Instead, make sure a gesture or a gift is just that, an expression of your affection. Of course he’ll be overjoyed and won’t be able to wait to shower you with gifts and appreciation. But let it come naturally. Don’t force it or expect it.

For gesture ideas, why not cook him his favorite meal or bake his favorite dessert? Not so handy in the kitchen? Take him out to his favorite restaurant. If he’s a sports guy, take him to a sports bar where they have the best burgers for the game. For guys, it isn’t about a one size fits all thing like flowers or candy. It’s really about tailoring what his hobbies or interests are to your gift or gesture. Get to know your guy and what he likes and ideas will come up.

Tickets to the game or the concert, a nice watch, a weekend away, a ski trip, a party on the beach, a surprise camping trip to a national park he’s been itching to make it to, a massage, all of these will show him how much you care. Guys often plan dates, outings and so on, though certainly not always. But why not turn the tails on him and plan something that will knock his socks off? If you want to do something little, why not leave a little love note for him, or even a steamy one? Leave them in his briefcase, knapsack, jacket pocket, in a book he’s reading, his luggage or his satchel. Some guys don’t like it when things are too sappy. Others are the sensitive type. Know which type your guy is and write your notes accordingly. Why not write something funny or witty?

Sometimes just lazing around together can be romantic. Sitting by the pool with drinks, easing into a hot tub or coffee and a long brunch in a great café will do the trick. Don’t forget that for guys the physical aspect is an important part of romance. Surprising him in lingerie is always a great way to wow him. And it will make you two closer, too. Isn’t that what it’s all about? For more advice read, 31 Days to a Happy Husband: What a Man Needs Most from His Wife by Arlene Pellicane.

How to Find Him


How to Find Him

Are you tired of waiting around for prince charming? It makes a great story. But in reality, if you are just waiting for the right guy to find you, you will kiss a lot of frogs without finding any princes. Instead, it pays to be proactive with your love life, like so many other aspects of life, rather than just wait for whoever comes along. But how do you find him, the right guy? He may not be the one, if such a thing exists, but the one for you. Don’t just sit on your duff and wait for him to arrive. He may not. And when he does see you, he may not recognize your interest, or that you two could be the perfect item.

Here’s how to make things happen. The first step, develop a gaze that shows how attractive and mysterious you are. Don’t just make eye contact, give him a look that will make him whither in his shoes. He’ll either strike up the courage to approach you, get a wingman to accompany him for a little support, or he’ll walk away, in which case it’s time to move on to the next potential candidate. If you see a cute guy walking a dog, approach them. Play with and pet it. Show how much you like dogs and start a little conversation. It’s a great, easy icebreaker. If you are an animal lover you already have something in common. And owning a dog shows he’s affectionate, responsible, caring and loving; good relationship traits.

If there is a nice guy you’d like to get to know better, use a pickup line. If a man uses it, it’s trite, unimaginative and falls flat. If a woman uses it, it’s funny, cheeky and lets him know you are interested. If you are at a sports bar or venue and see a guy you are interested in, use the game as an icebreaker. Ask who’s winning. What team is he rooting for? Ask about the rules. These questions will make him feel masculine as he can enlighten you on the information he knows. It will get the conversation flowing. And you’ll be able to judge his interest in you quickly. If you are a fellow sports fan, it should be easy to get the small talk rolling.

Another great way to capture a man’s heart is to be the damsel in distress. Have a problem you want him to solve. This works well on someone you know or have had your eye on for some time. Ask him to fix something for you, be it the printer in the copy room, something at your desk, your car in the parking lot, or wherever or whatever needs fixing. If he isn’t handy ask for his advice on something. Then thank him for his help. Offer to help him with something. Better yet invite him to dinner or lunch, on you as a thank you. There are lots of subtle and fun ways to maneuver the right man into your life. For more advice read, Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love you Deserve! By Matthew Hussey.

Memorable Outdoor Dates

Happy Couple Growing Old Together

Memorable Outdoor Dates

Are you the outdoorsy type? If you can’t stand being cramped indoors and want to share your love for the great wooly wilds out your back door, these date ideas are for you. Just make sure your love interest is likeminded when it comes to trekking through the wilderness or you may find yourself hiking solo. But if you both like hitting the trail and basking in all the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors, these dates are for you. If you know your sweetie loves to hit the trails, why not find a local lookout point, a waterfall, or something of note? Make sure you find out how treacherous it is and run the hiking level past your honey or you may be hauling two packs up the mountain. Easier is better than harder when you are just getting to know each other, unless you are both experienced hikers or some other such expert. Have a picnic lunch ready for when you make it up there. For those who love animals, but want to keep it less strenuous why not a zoo or a local animal reserve? A wolf or bird sanctuary can be fun, too. For a cute option, go to a petting zoo. Pick-your-own farms are good ways to get some fresh air, do something different and get to know someone. There are often events and shopping opportunities, too, which are great for dates. Take advantage of a volunteer opportunity if you are both community minded and want to give back. Americorps or will give you lots of ideas from helping build homes for the homeless to building dog enclosures for a local animal shelter.

An amusement park can make a great date, especially if you are both adrenaline junkies. And a recent study found that a couple who has survived a dangerous encounter are more likely to be casualties of cupid’s arrow. A water park would be great fun, too. What’s more romantic than going on a boat? Sailing is romantic but perhaps a little too complicated unless the goal is to see if you two jive when doing something complicated together. Perhaps a day cruise would be nice. You can see yourself and your date chatting and laughing over some lovely scenery and enjoying the sunshine and the sharp briny air of the sea. A circle line cruise or site seeing cruise can give you a great backdrop for getting to know each other and setting the mood. For more fun, try water sports, a beach date or going to the lake. Fishing or visiting a swimming hole might be nice for a laid back date if your lover is so inclined. If you want to see if your love is in the stars, suggest stargazing. Go to a presentation of the local astronomy club. Horseback riding can be a great date scenario; it’s fun, active, takes the pressure off of trying to make conversation, and who knows what will happen? Finally, how about an outdoor concert? Lots of communities have them, especially in the summer time. Pack a picnic with wine, cheese, some fruit and other tasty vittles and you’ll never want to have a boring, indoors date again. For more dating ideas, read 41 Outdoor Dates by Drake Cyrus.

Meeting New Men



For some it’s always easy to find a date. Others have to work at it. There are those who found it easy in high school and college to get dates but when settling into adult life, getting too busy and running in the same social circles can make it hard to meet the right people to date. So how can you meet new men that are worthwhile? Where are some good places to mix it up and find someone you’d like to date? First, think about where you spend your free time. Most people settle into long term relationships with people who have the same values and interests. Are you always at the gym? Do you love reading or composing at the coffeehouse, can you be found at a rally, an animal shelter or playing ball with a local club during your free time? If you don’t meet someone to date you can still enjoy yourself. If you do meet someone you two will have a lot to talk about. There’s an easy way to break the ice. You could also make more friends, male friends and female friends. And guess what? They probably have single male friends. Chances are if you get along with the friends you’ll get along well with the potential date, too. Some people love playing matchmaker. Others are reticent. Let them know you won’t blame them if it doesn’t work out. That usually does the trick.

The next idea, why not go somewhere where guys hang out? Is there a certain kind of guy you’d like to date? If he’s the sporty type why not go and check out a sports bar? You could hit one up on a weekend too and find which one has the best vibe. Join a team in your favorite sport that’s co-ed. That could be fun. It will give you a real chance to get to know your teammates, including those who have potential, and weed out anyone that you thought had something until some unsavory personality traits pop up, saving you valuable dating time. How about an intellectual? There are poetry readings, book cafes, lectures at local colleges and universities, book readings and more for you to check out. Don’t go to wine bars, unless you want to meet more single women and see if they know any eligible men. Lastly, get yourself on an online dating site. 50% of U.S. singles have profiles on dating sites. Don’t be left behind. Do some research, see which apps or sites appeal to you. Take some time to figure out how best to compose your profile. Tweak it so that it interests the type of guy you are hoping to attract. You can get access to so many singles in your area that you never knew existed. Lastly, don’t stress if you don’t find a guy or the right guy right away. Stay positive. Be open to new experiences. Surround yourself with the right people and the right guy is bound to come your way. For more advice on this topic, read How to Meet Men by Liz R. Clayton.

Things He Wants to Do With You


Sometimes a woman wants to experience everything with her man. Other times, she’s looking for girl time, female bonding, and a chance to get away and renew herself. Guys on the other hand may be harder to read. There are some things he wants to do with you. Perhaps he’s shy or you didn’t take him seriously when he suggested it. But if you can share these experiences together, it will take your relationship to a whole new level. If your guy is into video games, he wants to play them with you. Some guys are really into them and so they want you to see what it is they find so entertaining. Why not play with him? If it’s really not your thing, just try it once, let him know you see the appeal but it’s just not for you. Otherwise, challenge him. And don’t let him win to protect his ego. Guys like to be challenged every once in a while. And who wants to date a sore loser? He wants to share his exercise routine with you. He thinks it will make you two closer. You can push each other. And it will give you a chance to talk while doing something together. He is not dropping hints about your waistline. He probably isn’t even aware that the thought has crossed your mind. But if you are really upset about it, talk to him.

If he’s a sports guy, he wants you to go to the game with him. For him, there is no better rush than to hear thousands of screaming fans roar when his favorite team scores. Then there’s the tailgating, stadium food, beer and souvenirs. If you’re not a sports fan, at least go to one game with him. You’ll find some way to have a good time. And you can use it as leverage to get him to do something you wouldn’t mind doing. Your man wants to play drinking games with you one Saturday night. Not only is it fun to have a few cocktails and loosen up, you can get naughty, and play some adult card games, too. They say the truth comes out when you are inebriated, so you can get to see a whole other side of him…hopefully it’s a side you like. But at least you’ll know what you’re in for if he has one too many at an office holiday party or on New Year’s Eve. Your beau wants to watch adult films with you, for obvious reasons. If you are against it, let him know. Don’t expect him not to watch them though. But if you want to give him a thrill, reward him sometime, or put a little spark back into your bedroom, why not try it? Your man wants to go on a road trip with you. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of freedom, spontaneity and relaxation that comes from hitting the road. And he knows he’ll get to see another side of you. And you’ll get to see another side of him, too. For more tips on what men want from their partners, read the advice of Bob Barnes in his book, What Makes a Man Feel Loved: Understanding What Your Husband Really Wants.