Rude Things Guys do that Grab Women’s Attention


In biological and genetic terms, women, generally speaking, are attracted to the alpha male. He is the strongest and has social status, ergo the best to provide and help protect their young. But in modern day society, this natural biological archetype can actually lead to bad relationships. Guys who are rude, crude, egotistical, or aggressive are the ones that attract girls when they are in their teens. These girls know he’s bad. But each thinks in her heart of hearts that she can change him, and have a great relationship with him. And she ends up getting her heart broken. If she’s smart or lucky she only does this once. If she’s really smart she’s seen others do it and avoids such a misstep. As women get older they become smarter and follow their brains rather than biology. They are attracted to good guys, those that they have an emotional connection to as well as physical chemistry. But some women still continue to fall into going for the wrong guys. And bad boys know how to get a girl’s attention. Whether she proceeds with him or not is her choice. Here are some rude things guys do that grab a woman’s attention. If he does one of these, and you’re emotionally swallowed up, take a step back and evaluate him more carefully. He may be one of those guys you want to avoid. Or else you’ll end up with your heart broken.

When a guy is pressuring you to go to bed with him, it can be wrong. But for some women it can be a real turn on. Women get aroused by being desired. And if he’s willing to go beyond proper manners it gets her hot and bothered, because it means his desire is driving him beyond what is considered socially acceptable. But he may only be after one thing. So keep your guard up. Another rude thing a man does that will grab her attention, at least in the beginning, is when all he can talk about is himself, his success, and all the people he’s in tight with. Meeting people, feeling like a celebrity, and being wined and dined can be great in the beginning. But when all he can talk about is himself and he doesn’t seem to give one iota about you, the relationship will quickly go down. Ever have a guy check out a woman right in front of you? It can be so irritating and rude! But it can bring out that competitive streak and make you think that he’s the prize, instead of you. When a guy has exceedingly high standards, the relationship is doomed from the start. Even though the end doesn’t look good, in the beginning you may feel activated and turned on to meet his standards, even exceed them. Lastly, there’s the guy who tells you about all the people who’d love to be with him, and all the things he’d do if you weren’t around. It makes you feel that he’s important. But he’s just a self-inflated jerk. Watch out for these warning signs. Keep those feelings in check and analyze them. Is this something you should be attracted to? What will it mean down the line? Those two questions can save you a lot of heartache. You can learn more about how to avoid dating a bad guy through the advice of John Van Epp in his book, How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk.

Signs She’s Immature


Are you dating someone and you think she’s not mature enough for you? Sure, at the outset of dating a woman this isn’t always on the top of your priority list. But as things move along a little you start to notice things about the woman you’re dating and if she has what you’d consider qualities capable of coming along for the long haul. Not only are you looking for a woman who has that spark, you want someone who is going to help you move up, not hold you back. And an immature woman can be quite a hassle. But how can you tell if she’s just girlish, playful, coquettish, or downright immature? First, if she’s offering to fight, slap, confront, or get even with some other girl, she is way too immature for you. It isn’t cute or funny and it’s going to cause a lot of trouble in the end. She may also be the type that flies off the handle over little things, or is a cry baby. If you want a headache, date this woman. She’s too immature for you. Start putting space between you and her right away, or else she’ll suck you into her conflicts. Or you’ll be a constant shoulder to cry on. If you’ve noticed that all of her conflicts are dealt with in a passive-aggressive manner, you might want to pass her by, too. It’s better, but do you really want to be in a relationship where she gives you the cold shoulder, or snide little remarks start creeping in?

Women whom you’ve noticed have dated a series of bad boys, or guys that were no good for them. They are usually warned by those around them that care about them. But she usually goes back to the same guy, or dates a carbon copy of him. Steer clear of her. She may be fun for a while. But if you get emotionally invested, unless she’s changed, you’re going to get your heart broken when the next tough guy rolls into town. Look out for the shopaholic. The woman who buys everything and anything and never has any money. Managing money carefully is a mature act. As is staving off what you want for what you need. If she can’t pay rent but has more shoes than a shoe store, back away. Those money problems will quickly become yours. Unless you have the net worth and a carefree spirit, shake yourself loose pronto. If she has kids, pay careful attention to how she treats them. Does she drop them off at her parents, the neighbors, the in-laws, or her babysitters constantly? Is it to do selfish personal things? If so, she’s way too immature for you. Not only that but she’s self-absorbed and has horrible parenting skills. Steer clear of these behaviors and seek to find a woman who is mature, holds you up, is interesting, has a great sense of humor, and who helps you and fulfills you in more ways than one. She’s not so easy to find, but she’s out there. You’ll see. For more guidance on how to find the right woman for you, try reading the advice  of Bruce Bryans in his book, Attract The Right Girl: How To Find Your Perfect Girl And Make Her Chase You For A Relationship.

Parental Conflict Can Cause Unhealthy Amounts Of Stress In Children

child stress

Although a divorce is stressful for the couples involved, research has shown that any children who are involved undergo extreme amounts of stress when there is conflict between the parents.  Even if the parents aren’t fighting each other directly, the negativity each parent may foster toward the other and express in words, actions, and emotions has been shown to affect children drastically.

One of the worst things parents can do while going through a separation/divorce, is place their children in the middle by asking them to deliver messages to the other parent or to find out what the other parent is doing and report back to them, among other things.  It seems like a crazy notion to many people, but parents going through a divorce have been known for telling their children that the other parent does not love them and other highly negative things.

Individuals going through a divorce tend to be very self-absorbed, not realizing that saying negative things about their spouse to their children is hurting them far more than it’s hurting the other parent.

Separating parents should work to resolve conflicts, even if they couldn’t resolve the issues that would keep their marriage together.  They should at the very least try to resolve the issues that could be keeping them from being supportive and loving parents.



Privileged Housewives Reportedly Make For The Worst Divorce Clients

wealthy housewives

Many women who come from wealthy marriages, in which they did not supply any of the wealth themselves, can be some of the most difficult and self-absorbed clients for divorce lawyers to deal with.  Often times, these women expect to get at least 50% of everything their husband earns and owns, based on high-end divorce cases they may have seen in the media.  They want to live the same luxurious and worry-free life they maintained while they were married to their moneymaker husbands, but without the commitment and self-sacrifice of marriage.

This isn’t to say that all housewives are selfish and leave for strictly self-serving reasons.  Many women who happen to be in this type of financial situation have justifiable reasons for leaving their husbands.  Businessmen who make a lot of money may be away from home a lot, and found to be unfaithful.  Men with financial power could also be disrespectful to their wives, using their wives’ lack of financial independence to exert control over them and as a subject used to demean them.  As stated before, a divorce is never black and white; there are always subjective differences among them, even for the extremely wealthy.

It is the women who have a false impression of what they deserve from a divorce that can make for the most difficult divorce clients because they’re so used to getting whatever they want without really having to work for it. They think and believe this pattern should continue, even upon leaving the person who gave them all of this unearned wealth and social status to begin with.


It’s Natural To Become Self-Absorbed During Your Divorce


A divorce involves a lot of defending and protecting of the ego, which will naturally leave you appearing a bit self-absorbed to those around you.  It may not be something that you want to admit to, but in order to go through a divorce you have to think about yourself the majority of the time.  You’ll be fighting to keep your financial assets, income, and even time spent with your children – it’s all about YOU.

This could be very difficult for the people in your life to understand, especially your children.  You’ll have to learn how to keep a balance between defending yourself and being there for your loved ones.

Give yourself enough time to contemplate the things that are really important to you so you can put more focus on your loved ones than on your possessions.  You might even catch yourself treating your loved ones like possessions because, in the eyes of the legal system, children are handled in a very business-like fashion; allocating times that you can see them and how much money each parent is obligated to invest in each child.  The way a divorce makes you look at your children will be entirely different from the way you saw them prior to talks of separation.

Although it’s natural to become self-absorbed during your divorce, this is no excuse to let it go to extremes.  Put a lot of time and consideration into your family and loved ones while going through your divorce, because the divorce will end sooner or later, but your loved ones will be there waiting for you when all is said and done.