Guys Are Drawn to the Damsel in Distress


So many movies are the same. The lovely young maiden is trapped by the evil wretched villain. Her only hope, a knight in shining armor who swoops in to vanquish his opponent, free his lady love, sweep her up into his arms and ride off with her clutching him as the sun sets and the credits roll. But it isn’t just Hollywood that’s obsessed with the damsel in distress, guys fall for this female character, too. Many women, particularly in the West who are independent and can take care of themselves, hate this stereotypical heroine, and Hollywood and other media sources have heard and adjusted. This phenomenon still hangs on. So why are guys drawn to the damsel in distress? Mostly it’s because it makes him feel manly to be able to swoop in and save her. It makes him feel wanted, needed, important, a hero. It also makes her look feminine to him. Men throughout the ages have been traditionally the protectors and providers. Women, whether the modern feminist minded want to admit it or not, are also attracted to men who can make them feel safe and secure. Helping boosts a man’s ego. But saving a woman whom he also finds irresistible, that is a recipe for a man in love. Another thing, it’s easy to approach this woman. She needs help and he can provide it. It puts him at a superior standing.

This feeling of being a man, of doing manly things and becoming secured in one’s manliness helps to build the male ego. When he feels important, wanted, needed, and essential it feeds his ego, makes him feel manly and gives him a sense of pride that he is doing something good for a woman who deserves his services. The trick is to be a damsel in distress and at the same time not to be needy. This is easier said than done. Guys do want a woman to be independent. He wants her generally to have her own friends, career and passions in life. But he doesn’t want to feel as though she doesn’t need him at all. If you want to get closer to him but still maintain your independence, simply ask for his help in something. It could be a little matter. To fix something, ask for help in using a technical piece of equipment for instance if you are both working in the office together. The copier is always a source of consternation for any office worker. If there isn’t anything mechanical or technical around, ask for his advice or opinion on something. Thank him later on and let him know how much he helped. Once you’ve primed his ego in this manner he’s bound to warm to you. Remember not to use this all the time if you happen to be dating a guy or else you may come off as needy. But a little request for help now and then can pique his interest in you and let him know he’s needed and desired. For more tips on how to attract a man, read the advice of Ellen Dugan in her book, How To Enchant A Man: Spells to Bewitch, Bedazzle & Beguile.

Win her Heart


Is there a girl out there you are head over heels for, but you just don’t know how to win her heart? Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself. But there are ways to win your dream girl’s heart. This isn’t for a one-night thing, or playing the field, this is when you want to find your princess to rule your kingdom with, be it an apartment, house, or condominium. If you found the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with, go after her. Pursue her. Talk to her and get to know her beyond the surface detail. One of the most attractive things for a woman is someone who listens and is interested in her. Be a gentleman. Open doors for her, especially the car door. Let her order first in a restaurant. Being kind and considerate is extremely important. And you want a girl who you can treat right, and who will treat you right. Compliment her. Do it right; let the compliment fit what she is wearing or doing or who she is. When you see her without makeup or without being all made up, tell her how beautiful she is. Put some thought into what kind of girl she is before taking her out on a date. Try to fit the date to something she’d really be into. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot to impress her. Be creative. There are plenty of museums, art galleries and other things that are free or cost little to get into. Why not try a hike? Stargazing is fun. Cook for her your favorite meal mom made for you as a kid.

Let her get to know you and use your talents to impress her. If you play an instrument, serenade her. Paint her portrait. Dedicate a goal or touchdown to her. Write her a love letter or a poem. Let her know how special she is to you but not just with words, with actions. It will make a whole world of difference. But besides complimenting her, taking her places, and showing her how much you care, look and see how you talk about her in front of others. Talk well about her. Compliment her in front of others. Brag about her when she’s not around, even if it’s to her parents or her best friends. Attend to her needs and pay attention. If she’s a vegetarian don’t take her to a steakhouse. But maybe find a vegetarian restaurant in the area, or the next town over that she isn’t familiar with. You could even look up some recipes, if you like to cook, and whip up something amazing she hasn’t had before. Be a little protective of her. Walk her to her door or the car at night. Tell her not to go jogging in the park alone after dark. Be a teensy bit jealous when she mentions a male coworker, classmate or friend, but not too jealous. Show her that you trust her. Do something romantic now and then like a candle lit dinner, a massage, a special surprise, a road trip, or a weekend away. There are lots of ways to show her how much you care. You can learn more about how to win a woman’s heart through the advice of Bruce Bryans in his book, Meet Her To Keep Her: The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Prevent Most Guys From Attracting And Keeping An Amazing Girlfriend.