Romance, Guy Style


Romance, Guy Style

We all know what women find romantic. But what about when it comes to men?  How you do sweep a guy off his feet? Flowers, candle lit dinners and moonlit buggy rides aren’t it. It can be difficult to guess what gifts or gestures he’ll appreciate. But not to worry, here are some ideas. Here’s romance, guy style. First, when you do something nice for your guy, don’t expect something automatically in return. It kills the mood. You don’t want him to show up with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and just after you swoon say, “Hey, what are you going to do for me?” Instead, make sure a gesture or a gift is just that, an expression of your affection. Of course he’ll be overjoyed and won’t be able to wait to shower you with gifts and appreciation. But let it come naturally. Don’t force it or expect it.

For gesture ideas, why not cook him his favorite meal or bake his favorite dessert? Not so handy in the kitchen? Take him out to his favorite restaurant. If he’s a sports guy, take him to a sports bar where they have the best burgers for the game. For guys, it isn’t about a one size fits all thing like flowers or candy. It’s really about tailoring what his hobbies or interests are to your gift or gesture. Get to know your guy and what he likes and ideas will come up.

Tickets to the game or the concert, a nice watch, a weekend away, a ski trip, a party on the beach, a surprise camping trip to a national park he’s been itching to make it to, a massage, all of these will show him how much you care. Guys often plan dates, outings and so on, though certainly not always. But why not turn the tails on him and plan something that will knock his socks off? If you want to do something little, why not leave a little love note for him, or even a steamy one? Leave them in his briefcase, knapsack, jacket pocket, in a book he’s reading, his luggage or his satchel. Some guys don’t like it when things are too sappy. Others are the sensitive type. Know which type your guy is and write your notes accordingly. Why not write something funny or witty?

Sometimes just lazing around together can be romantic. Sitting by the pool with drinks, easing into a hot tub or coffee and a long brunch in a great café will do the trick. Don’t forget that for guys the physical aspect is an important part of romance. Surprising him in lingerie is always a great way to wow him. And it will make you two closer, too. Isn’t that what it’s all about? For more advice read, 31 Days to a Happy Husband: What a Man Needs Most from His Wife by Arlene Pellicane.

The Five Date Rule


The Five Date Rule

Some people have the time when sex is to first enter into a relationship inherent in their culture. But for most of us it can be hard to tell when the right time to sleep with someone is. It may feel right but are they right for you? They may have all of the qualities you are looking for but no chemistry. Will it come? Then if you like someone and you want to be with them, what is the right amount of time to wait so that you send the right message, without seeming like a prude? According to Sex and the City’s Charlotte York, three dates was a sufficient amount of time. Dating site recently conducted a survey of 2,000 and found that, instead of a three date rule, today most use a five date rule.

According to this research, the modern woman desires four dates to be able to accurately assess the commitment level and seriousness of a date, and to see if he has real boyfriend potential. Over the course of the four dates the woman will subconsciously take stock of her date and how she feels about him. Does he have a good sense of humor? Can she trust him? Do they have chemistry? These are some of the questions she mulls over. Not only are five dates required, approximately five in-depth phone conversations and twelve text messages are also expected. A bouquet of flowers, a romantic gesture or a token gift could also help win her heart.

Four meals, three films and seven deeply passionate make out sessions should inhabit the time previous to an intimate encounter. Other things women take into consideration before sleeping with a man are whether or not he will make her feel good about herself and her body, if he will stick around after they’d been together and if he is a gentleman. If he appears too needy or he wants to get between the sheets too quickly, these are warning signs that may make a woman change her mind. According to this research, 40% of daters believe that they hopped into bed too soon with a potential mate and it ended up ruining the relationship. Of course we have to take this research with a grain of salt. People are all different. Certainly there are those who slept together on the first date and are happily married as there are those who waited a serious amount of time before being intimate together. It’s really about how two people feel about one another, if they are healthy for each other, can make one another feel comfortable, support one another and if there is chemistry. Most women have some sort of rule they generally follow. But sometimes someone comes along and blows that rule out of the water. Be that as it may, not everyone operates the same way so make sure to find a way that is right for you. For more dating advice read the New York Times Bestseller, Mars and Venus on a Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship by John Gray, Ph.D.

How to Cook for a Vegan or Vegetarian Date


preparing food

Are you dating someone who’s a vegan or a vegetarian but don’t know how to cook for them or accommodate their dietary choices? If you want to impress them and be considerate and accommodating, do some research beforehand and know what each stands for. A vegetarian is someone who doesn’t eat meat. Some will eat fish, most won’t. A vegan however in addition to not eating meat doesn’t consume any animal products such as eggs, milk or cheese. You should ask your date specifically what they do and do not eat. But put them at ease. Let them know you got it, you just want to know all of the particulars. They will be very happy that you asked. Be prepared to have them ask questions at the meal and don’t feel that they are giving you the third degree. Understand that their dietary choices are a big part of their life, and if you want to be a part of their life you will have to get used to accommodating it. Make sure you check the ingredients of the foods you wish to serve. Sometimes the manufacturers use certain animal products but you would never know without reading the labels. If you are ever unsure, check with your date. They won’t get mad. If they are worth your time they will appreciate your effort.

Try to find out what kind of dishes your date prefers. There are lots of different vegetarian dishes that are delicious and you can enjoy together from tabouli to eggplant parmesan. What restaurants have you visited together? What did your date order? Just because they are not meat eaters doesn’t mean they don’t need protein. Make sure you use lentils, kidney beans, garbanzo beans or some other type of plant based protein. Nuts are good, too. It would be easy to plan even a three or five course meal, if you are so inclined, with soup, a main course and dessert. Try to visit a local health food store. They will have lots of ideas on what to make that your date will love, along with the ingredients to get you there. Search online. Go to a bookstore and buy a cookbook. Watch videos on how to prepare delicious vegetarian or vegan meals on YouTube. There are plenty of places to find good recipes. Why not have a contest and see who can make the more delicious vegetarian or vegan meal, you or your date? You can cook one night and they can cook the next. If there is a chance that they are staying over, make sure to have stocked up on some food that they can enjoy for the length of their stay. Watch the shampoo, soap or laundry detergent you use as these may contain animal products as well. To learn more about the vegan diet, read the advice of Julieanna Hever in her book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition.

Being a Good House Guest at your In-Laws

house guest

Are you staying at your in-laws for a wedding, on vacation or just for a visit? You want to leave a good impression to keep the peace and allow the family to run smoothly, whether it is your first time or ninety ninth. Being a good house guest at your in-laws will also keep your spouse happy and avoid friction in your marriage. So what can you do to be a good house guest? The first step is always to ask in advance. If they’ve offered for you to stay there, thank them. Keep them updated on departure and arrival times. Tell them your travel plans way in advance and let them know if anything changes. If you need to tack on additional days run it by your host first. Understand that they may need to run it by the other spouse. So be understanding and patient. It’s terribly inconvenient to make the last minute preparations for the arrival of guests when they are in your presence. If you are going to show up early, call first. Don’t overstay your visit unless you are invited to do so. Let them know your plan for your trip and what you think your comings and goings might be. Ask if these plans will inconvenience them in any way. More often than not they will go out of their way to accommodate you. Don’t leave without telling them, or at least calling, texting or leaving a note.

Bring a gift to thank them for letting you stay there. It is very thoughtful and will endear them to you. Flowers, a bottle of nice wine, a basket of fruit, a special dessert, or perhaps more personal gifts are all great ideas. Check with your spouse and see what your in-laws like if you have no idea what to get them. Having something delivered before or after your stay is a good idea, too. Remember you are staying in their home, so be on your best behavior. If you aren’t sure how they do things, ask. Don’t expect them to clean up after you. Clean up after yourself. Ask them when they usually go to bed or get up in the morning and let them know when you are planning to do so. If your children wake up early and rambunctiously play throughout the house at home, warn your in-laws. Talk to the children and let them know to be quiet. If they are too young, at least your in-laws can be warned. Brainstorm some arrangement. Are you expected to take meals with them? At what time? Work it all out in advance. Offer to help cook. Keep your guest room neat and clean. Don’t hog the bathroom. Be reasonable with your time in there. Be cognizant of what time they have to go to bed or get up and try not to disturb them. Ask if you can contribute to the grocery bill or any other things that you use while there. Just a little consideration can go a long way. For more tips on being a good house guest, read the advice of Havelock James in his book, The Good Houseguest: The Etiquette of staying in someone’s home.

Little Things to Make your Fiancé Happy


Congratulations on your engagement! It’s a very exciting time in a young lady’s life. Now that you are so excited telling all of your friends, family, and planning the wedding, it seems like a beautiful, scary, unbelievable whirlwind that is enveloping the two of you. Remember to put the relationship first. This time when you are engaged can set the tone for when you are married. And what you fight about now may be the same things you fight about later on. Wedding stress can be difficult on a couple, too. So make sure you are setting the right tone, and do little things to make your fiancé happy. The first thing you can do is be sure to change your Facebook status. Some ladies are very social media oriented, while others are more private. But you want to display your new status loudly and proudly, and let him know you are proud that he will be your husband. Now that you two are a unit, you have to start thinking like one. When you were in a long term relationship you probably enjoyed some autonomy. But now that you’re getting hitched, you should start checking with him before you make plans. You two can and should still have a level of autonomy; different hobbies, friends, and a little alone time if need be. But checking with your spouse or fiancé is courteous and makes them feel like a special part of your life. Also, it helps stop double booking, which could lead to an argument, possibly followed by an uncomfortable back out for one, or both of you.

Eat together whenever you can. Of course, schedules cannot always accommodate this. But dinner together every night or often during the week, or a special Sunday breakfast, can go a long way to strengthen a relationship. You have to work together to prepare the meal, set the table, wash the dishes, and so on. It’s a great time to chat, talk about serious things, or just cut loose and dance to the music while hanging out in the kitchen. Cooking can be very sensual. It also gives a chance to loosen up and have some fun, be playful, and even seduce. Even though you are getting married, go out with the girls and have some fun. Show them you’re still fun. And encourage your fiancé to go out with his pals. It’s important to show your friends that you are still going to be around and you’ll still be fun. It’s also important to show your fiancé that your friends are important. And it lets him know that his relationships with his friends are important to you, too. Don’t stress out over planning the wedding, hold it inside, and then blow up at him. Stressed out brides-to-be sometimes lash out at their fiancé when stressed about planning a wedding. They do this to relieve their stress, not realizing at that moment that they are putting strain on their relationship. Instead of taking your stress out on him, try being proactive and reading a book about planning a wedding, such as The Wedding Checklist: Free yourself from wedding stress-and plan your entire wedding- in less than one week by Tenille Gregory.  Set the tone for your marriage now. Show each other how important your life together is. It makes all the difference.