TIME Magazine App Predicts when you should get married


TIME Magazine App Predicts when you should get married

Do you know when the perfect date for your wedding is? If not a new app can tell you. Brought to you by TIME Magazine, this new app predicts when you should get married. It works by first analyzing your Facebook friends’ relationship statuses and ages. Then it determines the median age of your friends’ marriages and proposes that you marry about the same age as they were.

In terms of their calculation procedure, the app only uses friends who have selected to include their date of birth in their Facebook profile, up to and including the year. Researchers for TIME believe that only a quarter of Facebook users include this information on their profile. The statuses the software recognizes are “engaged,” “married,” “in a civil union” or a “domestic partnership.” This is a small number of the average Facebook profile’s friends. One reporter using the app said that it only selected 10 out of her 900 Facebook friends as these were the only ones who chose to report their relationship status. Many others keeping their status private were then not counted in the app’s calculations.

Though it’s interesting it doesn’t seem as though anyone is planning their marriage or dating life around this app, nor should they. It makes one wonder what the point of this app is in general. Is it merely to elicit interest in TIME? There certainly isn’t a perfect date or age to get married. And with the inflated divorce rate, though it has dropped a bit for some groups, having artificial pressures or anxieties tossed atop an already large pile from one’s family and society seems ludicrous and outlandish. Certainly people today know that marriage isn’t something to be taken lightly. Though it has a fun aspect it can make someone who is single feel bad about their situation, as if there aren’t enough things that do that already.

Why not forgo this app and turn to a dating one instead? There are lots of them. Some select singles in your area and make it easy for you to chat with them. Online dating is a great way to do it too. Remember to give the person you meet a chance. Serial dating can be fun in the beginning but can wear you out in the end. If you are dating someone do not use this app to pressure them into marriage. Nor should you show the selected date to your significant other as anything other than a joke. It could backfire on you. Then you’ll be contacting TIME and all over the news for reporting that their marriage app broke up your relationship. Bet that isn’t something they saw coming. Who could have predicted it? If you’re thinking of taking it to the next level in your relationship read, Before You Say “I Do”: A Marriage Preparation Manual for Couples by H. Norman Wright & Wes Roberts.

The Marital Status Of ‘Divorced’ Doesn’t Have To Haunt You

Family status form (Marital Status form)

It seems that whenever there is an opportunity to fill out an application, sign up for an event, or even participate in a survey, there’s a section that asks your ‘marital status’.  The options are:  single, married, divorced, or widowed.

What if you just want to be known as ‘single’ now?  In a way, it might feel as though your divorce will haunt you forever because now it’s how you are labeled and recognized by society.  When meeting new people, you might want to express that you’re available for dating, but don’t want to label yourself as divorced in fear of any stigmas other people have attached to it.

The truth is that after your divorce, you are technically single, so telling others that you’re single opposed to saying that you’re divorced is not a lie.  This is especially okay to do with colleagues and new friends that you’re becoming acquainted with, however, if you’re getting serious with a new love interest, the rules are different.  This person will most likely be very upset if you never revealed your divorce.  This information is significant to many people when pursuing a serious relationship because someone who has never been married is more likely interested in doing so in the future.  Whereas someone who has recently been divorced might be weary about pursuing a second marriage.

There are appropriate times to tell people that you’re single and the label of ‘divorced’ doesn’t have to haunt you, however, be sure not to hide your divorce from the people closest to you either.  Being divorced is nothing to be ashamed about, but don’t let it define you as a person either.