Science Says What Kind of Men Women are Most Attracted to


Science Says What Kind of Men Women are Most Attracted to

Guys are traditionally the pursuers, and even though we live in an enlightened society most women still prefer it that way. But lots of guys wonder what kind of man women are attracted to, and how to bring the best qualities out in themselves. Women tend to vary greatly in tastes. Lucky for most poor dolts who have hardly a clue, science has stepped in to try and answer the dizzying, age-old question of what kind of guy women want. Here are some of the things science has uncovered. If you’re flying without your wingman, you may find yourself cruising over lonesomeville for quite some time. For one thing, women rate men more attractive in group photos rather than when by themselves, at least according to a study out of the University of San Diego. Therefore, it stands to reason you look better when someone’s there with you. Researchers say this is due to something called the “cheerleader effect.” People look more attractive with their faces together, since incongruities in any one person are sort of evened out by the whole group. Another thing, women like men who know how to work a room. If you are always with an entourage and you’re the life of the party, or at least she thinks you are, you look high status and someone fun to be around.

Are you a single dad? Be sure to take your baby out cruising. Just keep it during daytime hours. Not only will you get father of the year, you might score a few phone numbers. A study in France found that men who cooed, smiled at and talked to infants were 40% more likely to score a woman’s phone number than those who ignored a baby. Researchers say it shows a greater propensity for being a good dad, should the couple have offspring. Some guys shave every day. Others sport a righteous beard. But why not shave every ten days? According to Australian researchers, men who did so were seen as the most attractive. This layer of stubble is thought to project just the right level of masculinity. Here’s some simple advice. Get some nice wheels and you’ll turn heads. If you can’t afford it, borrow some. A British study found that the same dude in a Bentley Continental was found way more attractive than one in a Ford Fiesta, even with the same clothes and facial expressions. Status is the reason, and the projection of resources which he may be willing to share with a certain, special lady.

If you’re an animal lover, taking your dog for a walk may not just be a necessity, but a way to meet someone. A French study found that women were three times more likely to give up their digits to a man walking his dog versus one who approached alone. Dogs break the ice. They also project kindness, sensitivity and thoughtfulness, all qualities women find appealing. Got a little extra time? Why not volunteer? A Cornell study found that women who knew a man volunteered found him a better candidate for dating and a long-term relationship, due to the fact that he was more selfless and compassionate. If you really want to get a woman to fall for you, make her laugh. A University of New Mexico study found that those guys who could make a sharp witted quip and make a woman laugh were more likely to have short-term, uncommitted sex than their straight-laced counterparts. These quick bursts reveal creativity and intellect, two qualities women greatly desire.

Lastly, if you want to get more hits on your dating profile, include the words “creative,” “ambitious,” and “laugh.” Dating sight Zoosk did a survey and found profiles that had these words got 33% more messages. Include words like “read” or “book” or exercise words like jogging, lifting weights and the like also increased message frequency. Be sure to take it slow. Mention “drinks” or “dinner” too quickly and your response rate will plummet 35%. So this advice improves your hit rate. But what about quality control? Read, How To Get A Date Worth Keeping: Be Dating In Six Months Or Your Money Back by Henry Cloud, and you’ll have that covered too.

If He Has One of these Traits, Still Give Him a Chance


If He Has One of these Traits, Still Give Him a Chance

Single women are the largest growing demographic in America. That said, some experts think that many women who could end up with a man they enjoy being with, deflect men who show interest in them for small, superficial, inconsequential reasons.  In a new book entitled, Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough Lori Gottlieb explores this very notion. Women have to be more open minded when selecting their mates, and stop considering little things as deal breakers. But what kinds of things is she talking about? If he has one of these traits, you should probably give him a chance.

First, if he is younger or older than you don’t rule him out right away. The truth is that you can’t always select who you jive with. Not everyone has to fit some sort of cookie cutter mold. Instead, realize that people of different ages who have a fondness and compassion for one another, whose souls intermingle when their bodies are at a discrepancy, these are still vital relationships one should give a chance to, no matter what loud mouth ignoramus is spouting about dirty old men, cougars or what-have-you. If someone is older or younger than you are, of legal age of course, but makes you happy and you make them happy, what’s the difference?

Lots of women single a man out for what they perceive as certain physical shortcomings. For instance, if he is bald or balding, if he is a little overweight, a tad two short, wears glasses, has facial hair and so on. Often, women bemoan the shallowness of men and of our culture, which is true. But then they reject someone who doesn’t fit some sort of mental image or standard they themselves have set. Sometimes when we first meet someone we find it hard to look past physical things, that turn out to not be a big deal later on. But the guy who has a bald spot may have also written a book. He may have a great sense of humor. He may speak French and know how to dance the Calypso. If you knew all that upfront perhaps you would give him a chance. So don’t judge a book by its cover. Reserve judgment and get to know the person. That said, if there still isn’t any chemistry, remain friends. Don’t try and force something that isn’t there. If he lives far away but you two hit it off, consider a long distance relationship. Perhaps go and visit. Have him visit you. Consider moving or see if he can move.  Life is too short. And if you live your life to other people’s standards you’ll never be happy. But don’t set yours too high either. There are lots of people with amazing qualities out there that can’t wait to sweep you off your feet, if you’d let them.

How to be a Little Sexier to the Ladies

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How to be a Little Sexier to the Ladies

Whether you are always given the “I see you as just a friend” talk, you’re going through a dry spell or you just want to keep your game nice and sharp, there are simple, easy, practical ways to become more of a ladies man without putting a huge dent in your wallet or sacrificing your true identity. Here are a few suggestions that, while they may not make you irresistible to women, will give you a little bump in the hot department. Here’s how to be a little sexier to the ladies. A study out of Penn State University in Harrisburg found that men who sounded more confident were more attractive. According to the study’s co-author from Albright College, Susan Hughes, PhD, in the days of our Stone Age ancestors women were attracted to the one who could protect and provide for her and their offspring.

Study co-author Melissa Harrison PhD said, “Women are born with a finite number of eggs, thus limited reproductive opportunities.” Personality traits such as intelligence and confidence were highly prized then as they are now by women. That’s great, but how do you use this knowledge to your advantage? Speak a little bit louder and higher than you normally do says Hughes. Other studies have shown that the number one quality women find attractive is a sense of humor. Work on your jokes, timing and delivery. A quick witty statement put in the right place may make her look at you the right way. It was found that women equate humor and wittiness with intelligence, although in the medical, neurological sense they aren’t the same. They don’t inhabit the same part of the brain.

Take a look at your wardrobe. How many red clothes do you have? If you want to be sexier, wear a red shirt says a University of Rochester study from 2010. Standing against a red backdrop works, too. This color signals sexual excitement universally in all humans. Eroticism and passion are often fanned by the color red in imagery. There’s the red light district. It’s even the color of Valentine’s Day. To shave or not to shave, that is the question. Don’t shave. In fact, grow some heavy stubble. At least that’s what an Australian study found in 2012. Men with heavy stubble were found more attractive than those with a five o’clock shadow or were clean shaven. Researchers believe it’s because men with hairier faces are thought to be good fathers and are more masculine.

Smile when you meet her, when you are working a room, but not in photos. Women prefer a dark, brooding profile picture according to a Canadian study. Men who smiled in photos were thought to be less masculine. They were less dominant and more feminine. German and British researchers found that in real life, slow down your smile. A slow smile was associated with being flirty, trustworthy and authentic. Tilting your head forward can intensify this technique’s effect, the same research states. For more tips on how to successfully navigate the difficult waters of the feminine sex read, 10 Mistakes Men Make With Women & How To Avoid Them (The Wing Girl Method) by Marni Kinrys.