You And Your Spouse Are Not Allowed To Destroy Or Damage Marital Property Against Each Other’s Will Or Without Court Approval

damaged property

If you leave the marital residence but cannot take all of your belongings with you, your ex is not allowed to destroy, damage, or remove the property without first getting your consent or court approval.  The argument may arise that you took too long to gather your things, but this will likely not hold up in a court of law.  If being around your belongings is bothering your ex, he or she can file a complaint with the court to get those things removed in one way or another.

By no means should you do anything to destroy or damage any property belonging to your ex OR property that was shared while you were married.  Keep in mind that all property shared during the marriage, even if you bought it with your own money for just yourself, is considered marital property, and therefore could be subject to equitable distribution.   If any of this property is destroyed, you could be held liable for it, and have to pay much more than what the property was actually worth.

During a divorce, it’s important to be cautious in all areas of your life because there are new rules that apply.