Social Media Has Started A Trend Of Fake Happiness

fake happiness trend

Social media, from the beginning of its existence, has had a way of making things appear better or worse than they actually are.  As for marriage, social media usually attempts to portray an ideal form of this institution for others to aspire or aim for in their own relationships.  Because of this, we have also seen mini duplications of this fancy coloring of relationships on personal forms of social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  People use these sites as a way of making themselves available socially to others, but ultimately people are also creating an image of themselves that they want others to see.  For instance, a person using Facebook will likely use the most flattering picture of herself and either brag about how amazing her marriage is or complain about how terrible it is.  Although many people attempt to keep their private lives away from social media sites, there are still others who like to display intimate details.

For someone going through difficult times in her marriage, she might see a friend or acquaintance on Facebook who seems to be living the fairy tale married life with her prince charming.  Maybe her friend never has anything negative to say about her husband and possibly brags about how amazing he is on a consistent basis.  For someone experiencing hardship in a marriage, ideas of having the ideal marriage may cross her mind based on the idea that another person has attained this aim, meaning that it’s possible for her to as well.  Instead of attempting to fix her own marriage, however, she will be more likely to blame her spouse and seek separation or a new relationship outside of the marriage.

It’s important for people going through marital difficulties to keep in mind that no relationship is perfect, no matter how grandiose it might seem from the outside.  Social media sites only reveal as much as the developer wishes to expose, and this is especially true with personal pages.  It’s also important to keep in mind that each marriage is unique and couples go through various circumstances that are handled differently, depending on the way each individual perceives and chooses to handle problems.  The best way to gain honest insight into your own marriage is to give it your fullest attention and try your best to resolve conflicts based on what you know about yourself, your spouse, and advice from marriage professionals.  The last thing you should do is look to social media for guidance based on the personal experiences that others choose to share with the world.  You need to decide what works for you in your marriage and what doesn’t, and then act from sound judgment within yourself, not from a vague and unreliable outside source.

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