Signs your Relationship may be Doomed

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Signs your Relationship may be Doomed

When you get into a new relationship, sometimes you are so caught up in those beautiful, intense feelings that you forget to look closely at the other person. But as time moves on you may notice things popping up, traits that are less than stellar, behaviors that are inhibiting your life experience and more. Of course it’s only natural to start to question a relationship at some point. No one is perfect and everyone has to endure certain things that may not be the best characteristics in their lover. The trick is to know which traits to ignore and tolerate and which ones are flashing red warning lights at you. Here are signs your relationship may be doomed. If you find yourself powerless in a relationship, or holding all the power, either way the balance is completely out of whack. If you have no power you may feel a low sense of self-worth, or self-esteem. You can feel belittled, even insignificant. That is not how a relationship should make you feel. Get out of this relationship. It’s not healthy for you and can only hurt you. This environment is toxic to your self-esteem. On the other end, if the other person relies on you for everything, perhaps seeing a psychologist with this person, encouraging them and helping them develop could work. Though if they resist everything and only drag you down, after you’ve tried your best feel free to move on.

Is there a lack of fireworks in the bedroom? Though oftentimes people, especially women in a relationship, will ignore this for how the relationship makes them feel overall, sex matters. Sooner or later your needs going unfulfilled will sour you on the relationship. The reason is it is this person’s role to fulfill those needs. Marriage and family therapist Dr. Phyllis Goldberg says, “The longer a couple goes without being intimate, the more ambivalence they will feel. It’s like a vicious cycle, and this only increases the lack of trust, the awkwardness and the subsequent distancing.” Try communication and explore each other’s fantasies. Do different things in the bedroom. But if the rest of the relationship is great, but no matter what you do they can’t seem to satisfy you, unfortunately you are going to have to say sayonara. Usually communication and instruction however go a long way and alleviate this problem. If you aren’t cheating but your partner is convinced of it you should get out of this relationship. This person is paranoid, or has trust issues. Mutual trust is the gateway to intimacy. Without it, the relationship will slowly and painfully unravel. Let this one go. If you hate your partner’s friends, sooner or later it will end up tearing you apart, and vice versa. This goes for family too. If you don’t spend much time together and it doesn’t seem to matter you have no emotional connection. If you fail to reconnect be sure to move on. If you’re still not sure, read How To Know If You Are In A Bad Relationship by Mindy Sanders.

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