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Are you dating someone and starting to wonder about their maturity level? All guys certainly take part in at least a little immature behavior. It’s called fun. And women do, too. But there’s a certain level of maturity that has to be maintained and agreed upon if a relationship is going to work. You can’t have one person in footie pajamas and another in a negligee or at least, not at the same time. Women surely mature faster than men. But what is the acceptable level of maturity and how do you know if your fella has crossed the line? Here are some signs that he’s immature to straighten things out for you and make them clear. First, if he spends his money on the wrong things, his maturity level isn’t up to par. If he has all the latest video games, but no savings and can hardly cover his rent, he’s immature. Adulthood means getting your priorities straight. And if he is buying rounds at the bar when his credit cards are maxed out then there is a serious maturity level issue afoot.

If your guy picks his nose, his ears, “forgets” to lift the toilet seat up, is hocking up phlegm when you’re out with him, lose his number. He is way too immature for you. We all have habits and bodily functions. But they should be concealed. If you are married and comfortable enough to do that in front of one another, that’s one thing. But dating is another. Does he have a job? Go to a college or university or have a career? If he’s got no direction in his life, he is too immature. He should be pursuing his passions, fulfilling his dreams, or at least working a steady job that can help pay the bills. But if you are the type of person who has one or even many passions in your life, how can you be with someone with no direction? Help them find some direction. Do so in a positive manner. But if they don’t respond, or resent your encouragement, perhaps it’s best to move on. Does your guy blame others for all the problems in his life? If he doesn’t own up to any responsibility for his station and position in life, he’s not mature enough for you. Mature people recognize, reflect upon, own up to, and learn from their mistakes. They are made better by them. But if your dude is the finger pointing type, watch out. Because sooner or later he’ll end up pointing that finger at you. Does your guy have kids he hardly ever sees? That shows not only that he isn’t mature, but doesn’t have the proper values. If you’ve got someone who airs all your dirty laundry, curses without reason, or talks about sexual exploits or bodily functions in public, punch out. If he isn’t all that immature, but you’re having a difficult time dealing with your differences, try reading the advice of Kevin Leman in his book, Making Sense of the Men in Your Life: What Makes Them Tick, What Ticks You Off, and How to Live in Harmony.

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