Signaling you Want a Kiss from A Shy Guy

shy kiss

All cultures around the world kiss. Scientists believe it’s a way for us, on a subconscious level, to test out a mate and see if they are different enough genetically to produce healthy offspring. Not only is it universally human to kiss, but in most cultures it’s usually the guy who initiates the first kiss ( But what do you do if you are dating a shy guy? He may hold off to make sure it’s something you want. This is in deference and respect for you. He may also fear being rejected. Put him at ease by smiling at him and complimenting him. Laugh at his jokes. Sit close to him or walk close. If you are in his personal space and both of you are comfortable, it means that you are moving from the friend zone to something more akin to a romantic relationship.

Depending upon how shy he is, you may need to be a little more overt than you are used to. If he feels at ease and thinks you like him, he will be less afraid and more apt to kiss you. When two people meet there is an aversion to touching. This is for close relationships. If you want to get closer, touch him on the shoulder or arm. Do it innocently, but your signal will register. Why not hold his hand? Women have the advantage of being able to touch guys more readily than visa-versa in our culture.

When you two are alone, look him in the eye. Then move your gaze subtly down to his lips and back up to his eyes again. If he doesn’t take the hint at first, try again.

Run your finger across your lips when you are with him. Do it in moderation and gently. This can let the guy know you would be interested in a kiss. Another way to do it is to occasionally bite your bottom lip. Make them smooth and subtle. This calls attention to your lips and makes them alluring. You can also do a slow subtle lick of your lips, but don’t overdo it-just once in a while. You can try to give him an alluring glance while you do this. A light touch is the best. At the end of a date, don’t get out of the car right away, stick around and linger. Make awkward conversation with pauses. If he walks you to the door, play with your keys, move close and look at him with passionate expectation. He should get the hint. If he’s still too shy or daft, maybe you should make the first move.

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