Rude Things Guys do that Grab Women’s Attention


In biological and genetic terms, women, generally speaking, are attracted to the alpha male. He is the strongest and has social status, ergo the best to provide and help protect their young. But in modern day society, this natural biological archetype can actually lead to bad relationships. Guys who are rude, crude, egotistical, or aggressive are the ones that attract girls when they are in their teens. These girls know he’s bad. But each thinks in her heart of hearts that she can change him, and have a great relationship with him. And she ends up getting her heart broken. If she’s smart or lucky she only does this once. If she’s really smart she’s seen others do it and avoids such a misstep. As women get older they become smarter and follow their brains rather than biology. They are attracted to good guys, those that they have an emotional connection to as well as physical chemistry. But some women still continue to fall into going for the wrong guys. And bad boys know how to get a girl’s attention. Whether she proceeds with him or not is her choice. Here are some rude things guys do that grab a woman’s attention. If he does one of these, and you’re emotionally swallowed up, take a step back and evaluate him more carefully. He may be one of those guys you want to avoid. Or else you’ll end up with your heart broken.

When a guy is pressuring you to go to bed with him, it can be wrong. But for some women it can be a real turn on. Women get aroused by being desired. And if he’s willing to go beyond proper manners it gets her hot and bothered, because it means his desire is driving him beyond what is considered socially acceptable. But he may only be after one thing. So keep your guard up. Another rude thing a man does that will grab her attention, at least in the beginning, is when all he can talk about is himself, his success, and all the people he’s in tight with. Meeting people, feeling like a celebrity, and being wined and dined can be great in the beginning. But when all he can talk about is himself and he doesn’t seem to give one iota about you, the relationship will quickly go down. Ever have a guy check out a woman right in front of you? It can be so irritating and rude! But it can bring out that competitive streak and make you think that he’s the prize, instead of you. When a guy has exceedingly high standards, the relationship is doomed from the start. Even though the end doesn’t look good, in the beginning you may feel activated and turned on to meet his standards, even exceed them. Lastly, there’s the guy who tells you about all the people who’d love to be with him, and all the things he’d do if you weren’t around. It makes you feel that he’s important. But he’s just a self-inflated jerk. Watch out for these warning signs. Keep those feelings in check and analyze them. Is this something you should be attracted to? What will it mean down the line? Those two questions can save you a lot of heartache. You can learn more about how to avoid dating a bad guy through the advice of John Van Epp in his book, How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk.

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