Rich People Tend To Divorce More Readily Because They Can Afford To

wealthy divorce

People who are financially more well-off than others will divorce with less hesitation, simply because they can afford it.  A divorce is a very expensive process from onset to finish, and people with money to spare usually feel that it’s more than worth the sacrifice.  Many women who could be described as homemakers will jump at the chance of a divorce if they’re unhappy in their marriage, because they believe they are entitled to 50% of everything their husband owns and continues to earn.

If a wealthy man is unhappy in his marriage or is involved with a new love interest, the money it costs to get a divorce will be nothing to him, as long as he can get away with being with his new lover.

Many married couples will try to make their marriages work because they realize they cannot afford a divorce.  They may even decide to separate and carry on their own separate lives as if they’re divorced, without ever actually getting a legally valid divorce.  This is especially true for people who do not intend on getting married again any time soon, and so see no need to be divorced – they simply want to be free from their spouse.

Thus, wealthy couples tend to get divorced over matters that seem petty and unjustifiable by comparison to the issues that arise among less well-off couples, who still try to keep their marriages together.  This also means that wealthier couples tend to spend more on the divorce itself, while couples with less money might try to negotiate more.



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