What Really Makes a Man Attractive to Women?


What Really Makes a Man Attractive to Women?

Some guys seem to have all the luck with women. Others couldn’t get a second look with hundred dollar bills stuck to their clothes. Why is that? What really makes a man attractive to women? Dr. Cindy M. Meston, author and professor of clinical psychology at the University of Texas, has been studying just that. According to the professor, women as always are more complicated as there are hundreds of qualities that could draw a woman to a man. However there are nine specific characteristics that really do stand out. Women vary so much it is hard to nail things down. It can change so much from one individual female to the next. But these nine are the ones women generally tend to like in men. Some of the items are things you have control over, other things aren’t. Women do like scars, tattoos and piercings according to research. The reason on an evolutionary level is that males who are physically fit and therefore have good genes can also afford to take part in dangerous and risky behavior. David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist, did an experiment where he questioned women from 37 cultures from around the globe. He found that women were attracted to a man who had a high income or earning potential and an impressive net worth.

Women like men’s faces and bodies with good symmetry. This also lends to them having good genes. The deeper the voice of a man, the more symmetrical his body so deep voices in men are considered sexy. Height is another factor. Women always want a man who is taller than them. The V-shaped man is one that is highly prized on the conscious level because it’s attractive to the eyes, and on the subconscious level it shows his great health, stamina and ability to provide. A sense of humor is always the number one trait women look for in a man. According to Dr. Meston women prefer men who make them laugh, while men prefer women who laugh at their jokes. Psychologically, women make a “love map” beginning at the tender age of eight. How you fit into that narrative says a lot about your chances and how things will progress. A man’s smell can make him more attractive to a woman, though it’s different for everyone what exactly she likes. It also hints at symmetry. Lastly, confidence is always one trait women turn to again and again that they find attractive. You can’t be a conceited jerk however as that is a turnoff, as is the passive pushover. Instead stick to assertive, confident while still being able to be vulnerable and humble. To learn more, read Why Women Have Sex by Dr. Cindy M. Meston. 

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