Quality time together can save your Relationship

quality time

We all get tremendously busy in today’s hustle and bustle world. Oftentimes, it’s our relationship that gets put on the sidelines. Renewing a relationship, celebrating your love, cherishing the things you enjoy together, and loving your partner for their strengths and even for their weaknesses is so important to keep a relationship healthy and strong. Investing in a relationship now will ensure that it stays strong in the immediate future. Martial satisfaction is in direct correlation to how much fun you have together. But what can you do to have quality time together in order to save or shore up your relationship? Do what you did when you first started dating. Have fun together. Why not have a date night? If you are both busy, take out your planners and see where you can fit a date night in. If you run out of fun date ideas, there are books on the market that list hundreds of them, such as 365 Days of Dates by Tammy Mitchell. Sharing activities you both like to do, spending quality time chatting over coffee or a drink, playing with each other, and being silly and carefree are all things you can do to renew and refresh your relationship. Remember men and women bond differently. Guys tend to bond over a shared activity. Whereas to women the activity is not the focus, but the conversation they have while doing the activity is. Sometimes it may be best to take part in some activities. Other times, why not just a coffee and a chat?

Make sure you work in a date night, couple’s alone time, or whatever you want to call it once per week. Remember the point is to grow closer and have fun together. You don’t have to spend money in order to have a good time. Stargazing, cooking together, watching a favorite movie, going through photo albums, a walk in the park, playing Frisbee, anything you guys like to do together can be a date night. If you have kids, drop them off at your parents or the in-laws, get a sitter, or start a babysitting club with other couples you know who have children. You can watch someone else’s kids when they have a date night, and get them to watch yours when your night comes up. If you have the means, a weekend away can do you wonders. But it’s often the little moments in life that make the greatest impact. Make breakfast in bed for your partner. Slip a note into their briefcase when they’re not looking. Send them a nice or steamy text. Wear something slinky for when they get home. Give them a massage. Buy them their favorite candy, or serenade them when they least expect it. Once in a blue moon, surprise them with a candle lit dinner, even if it’s in the kitchen. Show your appreciation and love for each other, and you will have a magnificent relationship together that will last a lifetime.

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