Personality Traits that Attract Men


There’s always that one girl who has that spark. She can pick up guys without even trying. Others have to do a lot to get noticed. What gives? Well there are certain personality traits that attract men. It’s clearly not only about looks. And when it comes to settling down, there are certain characteristics a man looks for in a woman. Of course, don’t change your personality for anyone. But you can accentuate these traits, as they are already within you. And they won’t only help your love life, they’ll help in other aspects as well. Always be ready to have fun.  A guy likes a woman he can bring anywhere, from the beach to a fancy dinner, to a family gathering or a kegger at his best friend’s house. If you are up for anything, and always ready to have fun, guys will be instantly attracted to you. Of course men love independent women. If you have a career, a vibrant social life and your own passions and pursuits, guys would love to talk to you about them. Try acting a little bit playful and girly, if you’re the serious type. It lets guys know that you aren’t an ice queen, and that you’re approachable. Be resourceful. No man wants to end up with a woman he has to solve every problem for. And beyond that, a little resourcefulness is exciting and makes him feel good about you.  Patience goes a long way. If you are barking orders at the waiter versus using your manners and being patient, guys notice. You would, too.

Be positive. Nobody likes a Debbie downer. And no guy wants to date her. Positivity is really attractive. Even if you are talking about problems and complaints, which are totally allowed, try to end them on a positive note. “It’ll all be okay.” A simple thing like giving a guy eye contact will make you much more attractive. Try and consciously look a guy in the eye. Eye contact from across the room is good, too. Just a quick two seconds and look away then look back and see if he does, too. Smile. There’s nothing that warms a man’s heart like a simple smile. Make eye contact with the one you’re interested in, smile and look away. If he doesn’t approach you, he wasn’t worth it anyway. But chances are he’ll come over or at least buy you a drink. Act courteously. Believe it or not men notice this. If you and another group arrive at a restaurant at the same time, and you let the other group go first, men notice. But if you are going to fight tooth and nail, men notice this, too. When a woman loves herself, even for her faults, she radiates an irresistible confidence and self-assurance. Everyone notices this and wants to get to know you better. Be ready to start a conversation if the one you want approaches you but flounders on the follow up. Be just a little bit sassy. A healthy attitude can be alluring. If you want to get to know him, ask him about himself. How simple is that? A well posited question at the right time can get you two talking, and him to notice you. You can learn even more on how to attract men by reading books, such as What Men Want: The Essential Guide on How to Attract Men…and Keep Them! by James Taylor.

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