Passive Aggressive Behavior Hurts Relationships

Passive Aggressive Behavior Relationships

Are you passive aggressive or is your significant other? If so, it is hurting your relationship. Passive aggressive behavior is a veiled way of hurting others ( Another way to look at passive aggressive behavior is to see it as a socially acceptable way to show anger or sugar coated revenge. The most common passive aggressive behaviors people use against their romantic partners are deliberate procrastination, pretending not to hear, understand or remember requests, the silent treatment, sulking or withdrawal, gossiping, or refusing to engage with their partner. If you or your significant other is taking part in this behavior, then you/they are engaging in passive aggressive behavior. This type of behavior can really put a strain on a relationship. So what can you do?

Don’t take part in the behavior by yelling or engaging in a hostile manner. The first step to undoing this phenomenon is to consciously and overtly discuss the anger being veiled by this behavior. By directly confronting the underlying anger it can now be dealt with. What does it stem from? If the person being passive aggressive cannot openly discuss the situation, let it lay for now. If you are the one being passive aggressive and you recognize these behaviors in yourself, have a heart to heart talk with your romantic partner. You need to reach the place where you and your partner can discuss issues without blame or the need for revenge, and come up with ways to operate that are mutually beneficial to both of you. Negotiation and give and take are important. If you still care for each other, but can’t solve this problem yourselves, consider couple’s counseling.

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