Open Relationships Can Fulfill Needs


Some people always order the same thing when they go to a restaurant. They know what they like and it makes them happy. Others need a little variety. They can’t go to a restaurant without trying something new. Some psychologists and relationship gurus believe that love may be the same. Some people are meant to be together with one person forever. Others need different people for variety or to fulfill different needs. Those who tout open relationships say that when done right, this practice can help people stay together and live more fulfilled lives. Sex educator Tristan Taormino has written a book on the subject entitled, Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships. Non-monogamists argue that the one true love concept is a myth. Instead they seek out different partners to fulfill sexual, emotional, psychological, and financial needs. Usually, it seems that a married couple takes part in the practice, though cohabitators may get involved, too. And generally it seems that the couples have each other for financial, emotional and psychological fulfillment, but also stray outside of their own bedroom for physical fulfilment. Practitioners say that this is not the simplest route for couples to go on.

Besides the book there are clubs, associations, blogs and other resources if you and your significant other are interested in an open relationship. It is certainly not for everyone. The couple has to make certain accommodations and tread lightly as to not make the other jealous. They must have a strong and deep emotional bond. If one partner is keen on the idea and the other is not, problems can ensue and a breakup may be inevitable. You have to make sure both people are on the same page. If one is just going along to satisfy the other, they will come to believe that person just wanted an excuse to cheat on them. The right couple is one thing, where both people are in the proper mindset. But the right approach is also important. That’s why reading this book, looking for expert advice, and discussing it in depth is important before moving forward. Other issues should be worked out such as safe sex, pregnancy, what is too far, whether or not you discuss your exploits with your spouse or significant other, and so on.

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