The Month When Most Divorces Occur

shutterstock_166929554Ask a group of people what month they think most divorces occur in and you will get a number of different answers. Some will pick spring and early summer months. They recall spring as the season of renewal and new love. There are those who will think about a summer fling and pick an appropriate month, while others still consider the time around the holidays, where singles look for someone to cuddle up to and stay warm with, to attend holiday parties with, and to help fight the winter blues, infidelity being a major reason for divorce. But the smart ones, the wisest of all will say January, right after the New Year. When you hear it, you automatically know why. It’s the same reason gym memberships go through the roof that same month, and attendance, both of which shrink shortly afterward. It’s encapsulated in the phrase, “New year, new you.” That includes cutting out the old fat, both on your body and a marriage that is weighing you down. According to UK law firm Co-operative Legal Services, filings for divorce increase around 300% in January each year. A catalyst might be all the stress and keeping up appearances over the holidays.

One of the major reasons according to a firm spokesman is that the children or the grandchildren have had a nice holiday, opened up their presents, and the other family members have gone back home. The study surveyed 500 newly divorced UK residents. 25% of respondents said they filed in January and knew they were going to split well before New Year’s Eve. Some had even seen a lawyer before Christmas vacation, and decided to go forward with a divorce in the beginning of the next year. 43% of respondents said they wanted to wait until after the holidays in order to make sure everyone else could enjoy them. One-third said they wanted one last family Christmas. And one-third said they didn’t want to go public just yet, so they kept quiet about it. 11% of respondents didn’t want to hurt family members with the news, while nine percent didn’t want it to crush a child on or near their birthday, which happened to fall around the same time.

Of the intrepid few couples who chose to announce their divorce over the Christmas break, a third said they would have kept it a secret until after New Year’s. Most psychologists agree that keeping a divorce hush-hush until after the holidays is a good idea. It’s a sort of benevolent lie. There are few in this category. But the announcement of a divorce does cause a family a lot of stress and upheaval. This is especially true if there are children involved. Any parent’s first job is to make sure their child knows that they love them. But getting divorced over the holidays will leave a lifelong bad taste in the child’s mouth. A company called Atomik Research conducted the survey on behalf of the law firm. They found the most common reasons for divorce, in 51% of cases, was infidelity. 32% said they fell out of love. 18% said they argued all of the time. Now you know the most popular month for divorce. For those going through it, remember to take care of yourself, and your children should you have them, learn to co-parent successfully, and only fight for what is important to you.

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