Long Distance Relationship Positives

Long Distance Relationship Positives

The old saying is that absence makes the heart go fonder. But is it true? According to a new study between Cornell University and the City University of Hong Kong, long distance relationships can have positive results. Romantic, stronger ties and more significant interactions take place when partners live far apart rather than seeing each other on a daily basis. Calls, email, video chat and texting are all ways couples in long distance relationships stayed in touch. They felt more intimate as they began to idealize their partner more. 63 couples were studied, half of which were in a long distance relationship. Participants were young, most in their early twenties. The average span of a relationship was two years. Those in long distance relationships had been apart for almost a year and a half.

Studying them for one week, the subjects discussed their relationships including sharing and intimacy. Those who were in a long distance relationship felt closer to their romantic partners. The pessimism surrounding long distance relationships may have missed the upside, intimacy, affection and a fondness that goes beyond the physical realm. Due to communication technology, long distance relationships may be easier to maintain than they were in the past. Video chatting is far easier than sending letters back and forth as was the way in time gone by. Of course, many people in years past had to experience long distance relationships due to war, the limits of travel, and communication technology. Today, you can see and speak to someone anywhere in the world.  One problem many people experience is jealousy. They fear that their significant other will be lonely and cheat. With constant contact, however, this fear can be reduced through their partner’s reassurances. Also, the act of sacrificing for the relationship, keeping one’s self for their lover can make the relationship more meaningful. If you care to read more about this study you can find it on the web in the Journal of Communication.

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