Little Touches that will make your Guy Feel Great


The old saying “It’s the little things that count” certainly holds true for a relationship. We know women love all the little things guys do to make them feel special. But what about the other way around? If you are generally on the receiving end and want to return the favor, here are some little touches that will make your guy feel great. One thing you can do is when you know he’s stressed out or had a hard day at work, you can give him a massage. A neck or back massage can do wonders. If he likes to take a warm bath, draw one for him. Don’t barrage him with things he has to do around the house, problems you had, or issues that came up during the day. Instead, let him relax and enjoy being home first before you bring up these subjects. Wait a half an hour or until right after dinner, whatever time you think is best. Give your guy a sincere compliment once in a while. If he has an amazing smile, a great sense of humor, or a washboard stomach, let him know how much you like it. Men enjoy honest compliments as much as women do. And they need to feel attractive and secure, too. Ask his advice on something once in a while or help to solve a problem. Men like to feel useful. They are great problem solvers, too. Praise him and tell him how much it has helped you.

In the bedroom, be ginger, positive, playful, and generous. Make him feel that he is the best lover in the world. Don’t be shy in telling him what you want. Just do it in a fun manner. Talk to your guy about his job, school, his hobbies and passions, whatever he is doing in his life. Praise his accomplishments. Men attach their manhood to their occupation. When they talk about what they’ve done at work, they are showing you that they can provide for you. So when you praise him you are reinforcing his manliness and self-esteem. Take an interest in his hobbies. If he’s watching the game, cuddle up next to him and ask some questions about what’s going on. Wait until during the commercial so he doesn’t miss anything. Whatever he’s into, try to understand it. See if you like it, too. Maybe it’s something you can do together. Laugh and have fun together. Every man loves a woman with a sense of humor. Especially if she laughs at his jokes and gets his sense of humor. If you two share a sense of humor, there are lots of opportunities to cut loose and have fun. Lastly, brag to your friends about him. If he’s great, let them know. Tell them about some of the beautiful, romantic, or considerate things he’s done for you. It will get back to him, and he will feel amazing. The best thing about doing little things for him is that he will soon reciprocate and start doing little things for you, too. If you’d like to explore this topic further, you can find great advice through books such as, The Husband Project: 21 Days of Loving Your Man–on Purpose and with a Plan by Kathi Lipp.

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