Ladies, don’t get Angry at Him for These

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Women seem to be connected to natural forces that men fail to understand, or have any notion of. This is true with human behavior, child rearing, all the many places woman’s intuition seems to make an appearance, and more. But they are also more emotional than men. Guys in the know expect a certain amount of friction when a disagreement comes up. But there are certain situations where a woman gets mad at her guy when she shouldn’t. Ladies, don’t get angry at him for these. You will look wrong and be wrong. Instead, take a deep breath, step back and reevaluate how you feel. You’ll see where he’s coming from, and your relationship will sail forward much more smoothly. When he tells you that you are being unreasonable even though it seems impossible, try to calm down and believe him. Nothing generally makes a woman angrier. It’s like throwing a lit match into a field of dry grass. Guys normally don’t say this unless he and others around you believe it. So do your best to keep it together. Or else go scream in the ladies room and then come back. The truth is, whoever you are dating notices how you act at the worst moments. They wonder, will she have my back when things get rough? Or will I end up consoling her and mitigating the situation all at once? No one wants a victim to save when they can have a partner at their side instead. Think about it.

If you are on a diet, trying to quit smoking, or keeping yourself from something and you decide to instead indulge a teensy bit, and he tries to keep you from it or remind you just because he cares, don’t lash out at him for taking that tiny little moment of naughty bliss away. See if from his point of view. You told him you were doing this and he is trying to be supportive. Men can’t always tell the delicate nuances or little battles going on in your head. So realize this, take a deep breath, and don’t get mad. Thank him for being there for you. Then let him know you are cheating just this once. Or cheat with your girlfriends instead. Don’t freak out if your boyfriend is still friends with his ex. It may drive you crazy, thinking that she wants him to be with her. But there isn’t much you can do about it. And if you complain it will give her fuel to whisper about you in his ear. He may even label you controlling. Just take a deep breath and pretend it doesn’t bother you. Rise above. Don’t get mad when one of your friends is acting like a fool, and instead of ignoring it and hoping it would go away as is your tactic, he takes a stand against them. What kind of friend are you to let them get away with that? Also realize that your guy has a great sense of justice, is brave, and isn’t afraid to speak out for what is right. You should be proud of him and proud to date him. Lastly, if you bring your guy somewhere he isn’t interested in being, and he looks completely disinterested but is there to support you, don’t get mad. Sigh and realize that this isn’t his scene. If he’s making a good effort then understand that he’s making that effort for you. Appreciate it. For more insight on the way men behave in certain situations, read the advice of Jay Simcic in his book, Mancode Secrets Revealed- Relationship Advice For Women.

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