Know What Behavior Is Considered Harassment During Your Divorce


It’s crucial to understand what behavior can fall under the category of harassment during the divorce process.  You may wish to be involved in the lives of your children and/or ex while going through the divorce, however, there are certain precautions you should take.  If you have a good working relationship with your ex, this may not be an issue for you.  The people who need to be particularly careful are those who are in complete odds with their ex’s.  If your ex left you due to what he or she believed to be mistreatment in the form of neglect, adultery, abuse, etc., he or she will be more likely to accuse you of harassment if you make your presence known more often than what is comfortable for him or her.

You and your ex both have the legal right to file a restraining order if either of you feels you’re being harassed, threatened, or harmed during the divorce.  Look at the laws on harassment in your state to ensure that you’re aware of what is safe for you to do and what is not.  Even if your intentions are good, your ex could consider your presence to be discomforting and file charges against you.  When it comes to a divorce, it’s better to play it safe by following the rules set out by the court system, and to clarify with your ex on things that may fall slightly outside of the court orders.  If your ex clarifies that it’s okay for you to visit your children at times outside of what was ordered or that it’s okay for you to be on his or her property, then you should feel free to do so.  It’s when your ex makes it fairly clear that he or she wants nothing to do with you that you should be very cautious.


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