Joint Legal Custody is in the Children’s Best Interest, But Requires the Most Cooperation


Joint legal custody goes beyond sharing equal parenting time because it also means that both parents share the responsibility of making important decisions concerning their children’s overall welfare.  This can pertain to their health, education, extracurricular activities they engage in, and more.

This parenting plan is considered to be in the best interest of young children because the parents are making decisions together and there’s a lesser chance of one parent being completely against what the other parent is doing if there is some level of compromise between them. Often, however, a divorce occurs because of major disagreements, some possibly pertaining to how to raise the children.  If this is the case, it will be very difficult to get both parents to even consider joint legal custody.

Joint legal custody takes a great amount of cooperation, which also means more interactions with your ex, but it will be worth the extra effort for the overall wellbeing of your children.

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