Insulating your Marriage or Long Term Relationship

Insulating Relationship Marriage

Building a strong marriage or long term relationship is like building a house. It needs to be properly insulated to weather the storms that will inevitably rock it, at least occasionally, as the years move along. But instead of that pink fiberglass stuff, we insulate a relationship with tactics and strategies that make couples closer, trust one another and respect one another as individuals. Putting in place a relationship culture or establishing the way in which the couple operates can prove to be very important for the relationship’s survival. This isn’t often verbalized. People often interact with others based on the way they naturally are, or the way they saw their parents interact growing up. When a discrepancy in two people’s patterns arises, a conflict is bound to occur. So start out on a strong footing and instead of falling into old patterns, engineer your relationship with the kind of things what will keep your couple’s culture strong.

Talk and communicate with one another in an open, honest, and nonjudgmental way ( Problems can be worked out better if each member feels comfortable confiding in the other. You should be the support for one another against the hailstorms of the world, and the bedrock that each person stands upon. And if you can’t confide in your significant other, whom can you confide in? Be intimate. Studies have shown that couples who have sex more often stay together.  Be sure to invest in spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. This could be taking part in some activity such as a hobby, exercise, intellectual conversation, photography, or whatever it is that the two of you are into.  Also plan some time apart.  Each of you should cultivate friendships outside of the marriage, or develop hobbies and interests you can do independently for those who are more introverted. Lastly, forgive. If what the person has done is forgivable, forgive them. Holding grudges and using revenge tactics can poison a relationship.  Work toward insulating your relationship and you will both be better prepared for the obstacles life throws at you.

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