How to win over a Tough Girl


Do you have a thing for a girl who has streaks in her hair, piercings, tattoos, rides a Harley, wears motorcycle boots, and shoots looks that could shatter glass like bullets? Maybe she’s not quite that tough. But if you’ve fallen for a tough girl and want to learn how to win her over, this article is for you. First, determine what you know about her. What type of guys has she dated in the past? Were they tough guys or sensitive ones? Some tough girls like guys who match their style, while others like a quiet or shy guy so that they can shine in the spotlight. You have to see if she prefers someone who compliments her personality or matches it. That doesn’t mean you should change yourself for her or anybody. But there’s a reason why you are attracted to her. There is something inside of you that says it could work. Find out what that thing is and accentuate it. Next, find ways to get close to her. What are her hobbies? What does she like to do? Find out what you both like to do. If she’s into horror movies, take her to the upcoming horror convention. Or if you’re not at that point yet, but you know she’s going, plan on how to bump into her there. Find out what her other hobbies are; karate, motorcycles, or certain kinds of music and talk to her about these. Join the karate class she’s in, buy a used motorbike or get tickets to the show and tell her your friend backed out. Would she like to go with you? Of course you should make sure she’s single first. But all is fair in love and war.

Don’t try to be tough to impress her if you’re not. Joke around with her. Try a little self-deprecating humor. Be modest and honest about who you are. You can’t assume she’s looking for a bad boy just because she’s tough. And even though she’s tough, there may be a reason.  Don’t go overboard in trying to impress her. Or at least, don’t make it seem to her that you are going overboard to impress her. But if she thinks you’re putting forth a little effort to get to know her, she’ll be impressed and probably flattered. Compliment her on what she’s good at. Let her know, if you two are on that level, how beautiful you think she is. Pay her lots of attention. Make sure you exhibit the right body language when around her. Flirt with her. Give her lots of eye contact. Smile at her. Try to break the touch barrier. You don’t want to be stuck in the friend zone here. Touch her arm and laugh when she makes a joke. Don’t be intimidated by her. She may have a tough exterior, but keep working on her. Soon she’ll warm up to you and let her guard down a little. Show her you’re not intimidated, but instead, titillated. Ask her for her number, or even ask her out. If she says no at first but still seems interested, she may be testing you or playing hard to get. Don’t be intimidated. But if it’s an emphatic no, decide that this is alright and just be friends. If you are intrigued by the “tough girl” personality and want to learn about the role it plays in popular culture, read the book, Tough Girls: Women Warriors and Wonder Women in Popular Culture by Sherrie A. Inness.

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