How to Sort Through Online Dating Profiles

online-dating-profileEveryone has heard at least one horror story, either from someone they know or that’s been on the news, where someone goes through an online romance only to meet in person and discover that the person they were chatting with is completely different from the one they thought they knew. The picture was way more attractive than the person in real life, the person was much older or younger, they may have said that they were rich when they were really still living with their parents. The truth is that most people are honest about themselves in their online dating profiles. But of course there are those who are totally lying about themselves in order to get dates. So how do you sort through online dating profiles and decide who is telling the truth and who is leading you on? The first rule is that if someone catches your eye, read their entire profile. Too many people just glance over a profile, see a few things they like and then make arrangements to chat with that person. Read everything and decide whether it seems honest or not. Do they make wild claims or exaggerations? Are there any negative comments about friends, family or exes in there? Any contentious relationship information included? Look through carefully and see if anything sets off a red light in your mind.

Next, look at their photo. If it is blurry, out of focus or just unclear, it may be false. Ask for another photo before meeting in person. Here’s a good idea. Do you have any single friends? Why not suggest they use the same dating website. You can look through together or at separate times and compare the people you see on there. If you are interested in contacting someone, run it by your friend first and offer to do the same for them. If they have met someone on there that you are interested in checking out, ask your friend about this person. If you can get their full name, where they live or other vital information, why not do some research online before contacting your possible date? Make sure this is the same person, that their photo is legitimate, and that their occupation and other information is true. Have you ever heard of Use this and sites like it to see if the person you are considering got a positive or negative review. Anyone who discloses personal problems, is full of rage at their ex, or is extremely needy or clingy should be avoided. Leave all personal information off of your profile. When you are interested in someone, chat via I.M. first. Or you can move to email. Then go to the phone once you think you can trust this person. Finally, if the chemistry is there and the conversation is good, meet somewhere public in person, at least for the first couple of dates. Good luck and start surfing for your next love interest. They may just be a click away.

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