How to Keep your Marriage Happy

Happy Marriage

Are you married and trying to keep it healthy? Or are you planning on getting married or engaged and wondering how to keep it blissful for the long term? If so, these tips should help make your marital life content and serene.

  1. First, decide all your financial decisions up front (Huffington Post). One of the biggest fights is often how to pay the bills, save, how much each of you contributes, and so on. Have a financial plan you both agree to and stick with it.
  2. Next, decide what the working situation is. Will one or both of you work? Research has shown that working women are good for marriages.
  3. Make sure you have your own separate lives, as well as your life together. Spend time doing your own thing. Studies have shown that a little bit of space makes people more emotionally self-reliant and improves communication.
  4. Make sure you have hobbies and interests in common. The more things you enjoy together, the more you will enjoy each other’s company when spending time together.
  5. People who have a poor sex life often get divorced. Learn ways to spice things up in the bedroom when you’ve fallen into a rut.
  6. Show appreciation when your partner does something nice, even for the small things.

With these tips you will have the tools you need to sustain a long-term, healthy commitment to one another.

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