How to Deal with a Spouse with Mental Illness

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Does your spouse elicit strange behavior? Do you have to apologize for your spouse in uncomfortable social situations? Many people who start exhibiting strange behaviors are at first blamed by their spouse. Fights break out and divorce might be considered. The person may not even recognize that they are acting strangely. Otherwise, it may be an incident that has brought on a shock or made some past trauma bubble up to the forefront. Either way, you are dealing with a spouse who may have a mental illness. This needs to be addressed and the person needs to be cared for. If you are a good spouse, you take the vows you said seriously. You should stand by that person and help them through their trauma. But what do you do?

Make sure it isn’t a substance abuse problem and truly stems from a mental health issue. Exercise patience and compassion. Make sure the person is evaluated by a mental health professional. Seek out the help of your friends, yours and your spouse’s family, coworkers, and others. A support system will be important to help you deal with this trying time. You will need people to talk to and who will support you emotionally and give you a break from your situation. If you are working, you will need others to be able to watch your spouse or take him or her to appointments. Medications might be prescribed and it’s important that your spouse take them as he or she is supposed to. Sometimes, people stop taking the medication when they feel better and then the symptoms return. If your spouse needs to get special care in a treatment facility, don’t despair; many people have entered such facilities and have gotten the help that they needed.

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