How Texting Affects Relationships

Texting Affects Relationships

Selective Search, a premier matchmaking service, recently concluded a study on how texting affects relationships ( Their results may surprise you. The study showed that texting can actually benefit a relationship. Romantic partners can increase their intimacy by being more available via text and expanding the way in which they interact. Of course, with texting we miss 85% of communication, consisting of body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and so on. Knowing this, those who conducted the study warn that miscommunication can creep up, hurting relationships. This study appears in the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy. Of course, other relationship experts caution that texting should not be the primary mode of communication between couples. However this study has proven that it can be a very good way of keeping in touch, sparking the flames of desire, letting someone know you care, sharing a small aspect of your day, or finding out more about your partner’s day. Texting, like any other mode of communication, is a tool.

Lots of couples use sexting or sexy texting to keep the spark alive. Just be mindful of the person you are texting with. Will this make them feel desired, wanted and loved? Or will it make them feel embarrassed at school or work? It’s hard to tell when the appropriate time is to send these kinds of steamy messages. It’s important to evaluate the person and see if they would be embarrassed by this, or enjoy it. Are they free spirited generally or straight laced? If you know your sweetie is having a rough day, perhaps send them a little message like, “I love you” or “Thinking about you.” A little text like this can really give your lover a boost, and make them feel good. Don’t do it too often or you risk it becoming par for the course, and the nuance wears off. Instead, dole them out once in a while or when you know your love interest can use a little boost. Don’t say those three little words via text for the first time. Instead, make it a magical moment. And make sure the phrase will be well received too. Texting can be a wonderful tool or it can cause complications, so use it wisely.

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