How Beautiful Women Mess with your Head Biologically


According to new research out of Canada when a man talks to a beautiful woman the conversation is shorter by 3.5 minutes on average, and he remembers more details from the conversation. Doctoral researcher at Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and the study’s coauthor Ping Dong says that when a woman is beautiful a man seems to make more of an effort, listens more carefully and watches what he says more carefully in order to make a good impression. Since the brain is more active time seems to go by sooner. But speeding up time isn’t the only way beautiful women mess with your head on a biological level. They also confuse fiction and reality. According to research out of Texas Christian University the more you lie to impress your beauty the more difficulty you will have separating fact from fiction weeks later. That’s because according to researchers the brain accepts these lies as truths. Honesty is the best policy guys. You may not be able to remember what mistruth you told her but she will definitely remember.

Women who are easy on the eyes also make men lose patience. Research out of the National Bureau of Economic Research in conjunction with McMaster University found that hot, sexy and beautiful women fire up the reward centers in the brain, making men forgo a payout in the future for instant gratification. Their research found that men accepted poor terms on mortgages more readily if the commercial advertising the loan features an attractive woman. They also opted for a short-term payout rather than a richer one down the road after they looked at ladies that had what we call sex appeal. Beautiful women bring out your inner hero. According to a U.K. study men were more likely to act generously and donate to the poor when a gorgeous woman was present. According to the authors men are more likely to be philanthropic when good looking women are watching, which women find attractive. New research out of the University of Texas found that nothing gives you a high like a beautiful woman. After observing photos of gorgeous gals with hourglass figures, men felt a high that felt as if it was drug induced. The waist-to-hip ratio sends signals to men that this is a good candidate for reproduction. Researchers say the result is a powerful jolt to the pleasure centers of the brain. For advice on how to approach attractive women, read How to “Pick Up” Beautiful Women in Nightclubs or Any Other Place by John Eagan.

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