Give Yourself Time and Space before Making Important Decisions

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You might find that giving yourself more time and distance from whatever issue you’re having could alter your perception of that problem.  It’s like with any troubling situation, when you separate yourself from it and give yourself an extended period of time away to be alone with your thoughts, you often come back to that same situation feeling much differently about it.  Keeping yourself in a situation that you feel uncomfortable with without allowing yourself the space and time to think things through will likely lead you to explode or act irrationally in some other way.

This seems like common sense, however, many people don’t realize that all they really need is some time and space before forcing themselves into making important decisions.  Divorce is one of those very important decisions that requires time and space before jumping into it.  So many people rush into getting a divorce and confess later on that they regret their decision.  A divorce can get very messy and complicated, far beyond what most of us would anticipate happening.  This is especially true when one spouse wants the divorce while the other does not.

With adequate time away from your spouse, you might also realize that your reasoning behind getting a divorce isn’t all that justified.  Perhaps you truly love your spouse but get frustrated over things that are currently going wrong in the marriage.  There are alternatives to running away from your problems, such as communicating openly with your spouse or even receiving marriage counseling together.  Time and space from your spouse could also help clarify that a divorce is what you deeply need and could help give you the motivation to seek a divorce in a way that is less hurtful or easier for both of you.  No matter what big decision you end up making, giving yourself the necessary time away from your partner will help you to understand how you’re feeling and how your decisions could impact your future and the future of your spouse.

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