Get your Husband to Cook too


Sometimes we get stuck in patterns. We feel unappreciated. Or we just feel sick of doing all of one chore, such as the cooking ourselves. If your husband has never stepped foot in the kitchen, you may be asking too much. But if he has some idea, or can handle a few dishes, why not get your husband to cook too? Many couples find cooking together to be romantic and fun. There are lots of opportunities for singing, kitchen dancing, and acting funny and silly. Food can be very sensual too, helping you to reignite that spark. First, why not try watching cooking shows together ( Everybody loves to judge the work of someone else. People usually have strong opinions about food. This will get the conversation started. Talk about how enjoyable a certain recipe a male participant made is and how you would like to try to make it together at home. Have a little date night where you both prepare a dish together. Put on your favorite music and make it lighthearted and fun. If you are competitive, perhaps have a little contest. One of you makes a dish one night and the other the next night. The winner gets some kind of prize. The prizes can be unique to each person or even a steamy surprise!

Look through cookbooks together and pick out what interests you and your husband. Go to restaurants that you like and look up the recipes for the dishes you love. Take out a calendar and plan meals and recipes based on the seasonality of the foods you find in farmer’s markets, at co-ops and so on. Make recipes guys love. What guy doesn’t want chili, hot wings, beer battered onion rings, homemade pizza, or a special steak recipe? There are lots of male oriented food trends like the barbecue pit master trend for instance. Why not let him take the driver’s seat in the kitchen? Be his sous chef or assistant, chopping vegetables, preparing sauces and so on. Why not take a cooking class together? Or just teach him how to cook. Make sure you are enthusiastic and encouraging during this process. Why not invite the children into the kitchen too and make it a fun family activity? Shop together at the grocery store, upscale supermarkets, ethnic markets or gourmet and specialty shops to find unique items and prepare special dishes you both can get excited about. If it doesn’t turn out well, don’t scold him. But don’t lie and say it’s good either. Be honest and let him know he did a good job, and it will turn out better next time, with a little more practice.

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