Feng Shui your Bedroom for Love

Have you ever heard of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui? This is the philosophy where rooms, houses, even whole cities can be designed to increase the flow of positive energy and deflect negative energy. It’s thousands of years old. Feng Shui allows you to design your atmosphere to attract the energy necessary for the life you want. If your life is lacking in the love department, why not Feng Shui your bedroom for love and romance? The first step is to get rid of the clutter in your boudoir. Clutter clogs the flow of chi or positive energy. Blocking chi can create difficulties in one’s life. Find some organizers for papers, clothes and shoes at the local department store, online, or a dollar store. A stationary store may have them as well. Next, make room for someone in your life. Clear out a space in the closet or a drawer in your bureau. This space will call that person to you. Then go and get rid of everything you don’t need in the bedroom. Jettison exercise equipment, any mementos or photos from relationships past, anything to do with water such as a small waterfall or a waterbed, and any artwork or anything else that is associated with loneliness, difficulty, fear, sorrow, hatred or any other negative emotions.

The next thing to look at is the position of your bed. Do not place your bed against the wall. Instead, make it accessible from each side. Place the bed opposite the door, but not directly opposite. Make sure it is oblique, not straight across from the door. Next, you want to call more love energy into the room. To do that place romantic items in the bedroom. Anything in pairs will do, flowers, cute figurines, anything that catches your fancy. Place them across from the door and also across from the foot of the bed. Hang a mirror inside your bedroom. It will call good luck into the room. This mirror should look as though it symbolizes unity and completeness. Make sure you don’t hang it in a position where it shines light into your eyes as you sleep at night. Instead, position it away from any outside light source, or hang something over it when you go to bed. There are many interesting ways to incorporate Feng Shui in order to call the right energies into your bedroom. Why not look at some designs online or in interior design magazines if you are interested?

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