Feel Good about Being Single


TV, social media, your family and many other places can make you feel bad about flying solo. You’re fed awful advice from a variety of sources and just have to sit there and take it, or risk being called rude. Your social media feeds may be filled with happy, smiling and smooching couples. But those self-same couples never post about their blowout fights, infidelities or little secrets they keep from one another. You only see one side of the story. In light of this, there are lots of reasons to feel good about being single. First, you’re in good company. About half of Americans today of adult age are single. With so many divorced and single people, the good ones aren’t all taken, they are out there again, and they are looking for you. Realize that there are a lot of good things about being single. You’ve got that big bed all to yourself. You can do whatever you want and not have to worry about someone else’s concerns or disapproval. There aren’t any fights hanging over your head, or problems to deal with when you get home from work at night. You can spend or save without considering someone else’s finances. Shopping sprees or savings accounts are all up to you. Money is the biggest topic couples fight about, but that won’t touch you.

Being single is a time to reconnect with yourself. Find out where you are and who you want to be. Make plans, write your own bucket list or make a dream board. Where is it you want to be in 10 years? Ask yourself and answer. Reconnect with your past, friends, family, a mentor or a passion or hobby you dropped and always meant to get back to. Once you figured out who you are, what you want from life and how you are going to get there, it’s time to find someone who also fits into your vision. Those who stay together share the same values, passions and vision for the future. So your date will have to fit into your vision and visa-versa. But don’t give up your entire self to be with someone. However, if you do find the right person, be a little bit flexible too. Decide if you are looking for a long term relationship, just dating, friends with benefits or perhaps just some occasional company. Come to understand yourself and love yourself deeply. Chances are someone will recognize this and find and love the real you. Appreciate what you have in your life. Find yourself pivoting toward a more positive and energetic outlook. The aura you’ll be projecting, your energy, lightheartedness, passion and enthusiasm will make you the best you that you can be, and will surely draw in the type of people you want to meet. For more advice on this topic, read Single: The Art of Being Satisfied, Fulfilled, and Independent by Judy Ford.

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